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lol It's no more racist than Remoaner. It's an insult yes but racist, no

7 Apr 2019

According to the commons library just 4,514 out of 34,105 laws have been influenced by the EU , of which just 72 of them were forced on us against our will . They included regulations such as making sure food labels say if Aspartine is present, which has been linked to cancer, headaches and seizures, and banning carcinogenic residue in meat. Others include making airlines compensate ...

Post Democracy
3 Apr 2019

You need to have a long hard look at yourself, Paul. I won't get personal but your comment is worthy of a complete and utter w*nker and so is your offhand reply.

3 Apr 2019

Well done Paul, somehow you have managed a new low. It is NOT a bit of fun!

Bother's in arms.
31 Mar 2019

You really are a massive ..... I won't say more for fear of being banned. But this thread is purely designed to cause anger!! You are nothing more than an inflamer, I hope you are proud to be a purveyor of hate and nothing more. Seems like such an empty and pointless life :(

Rather be a Remaniac than a Brexidiot lol  I have my flag ready for tomorrows National Feck Brexit Day

27 Mar 2019

You should be PM, burnside. You have the same ability to never answer a direct question.

27 Mar 2019

Burnside, please do vote UKIP. The party seems to be made for you

27 Mar 2019

Oh no, boo hoo... I won't be allowed to speed and put innocent lives at risk!! Damn you EU!!

25 Mar 2019

If you sack the politicians who want a peoples vote or want to remain then surely all those that lied and colluded with cambridge analytica and their satellite companies and overspent by more than 1/2 million and blatantly lied should be sacked, tried for fraud and the referendum deemed undemocratic. Therefore the only fair and democratic thing to do is re-run the referendum as a binding vote ...

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