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If they are made of plastic  ------YES!!!! The only bucket I had in my younger days were metal buckets. All plastic items should be banned and the sooner the better.

19 Apr 2019

@burnside over 90% over the plastic in the world's oceans originates from just 10 rivers in Africa. How do they know that, where did those that came up with that percentage and know what rivers it came from? It could be true but that does not detract from the fact we have many eminent people (minus David Attenborough) who will tell you that this country produces vast volumnes of plastic ...

19 Apr 2019

Someone has picked up a typo error NATURALIST and not NATURIST, how sad when just the mention of David Attenborough should have told readers it was a typo error. Perhaps I should have mentioned Darwin and many others.

18 Apr 2019

So, we have climate change protests going on in London,  but here in devon they report a giant big wheel application for Dawlish Warren. Something needs to be done with rising sea levels and a higher sea wall is talked about for Dawlish. Lets hope the sea rises up before this wheel is built. Politicians are listening but doing nothing. When you have top scientist from around the world telling ...

Is there another way to protect Dawlish and the railway line. Is building the sea wall higher, the only way to afford protection? Councillors appear not to have a clue or are just clueless. How about something to help them, like errecting short sections of scaffold along the sea wall, (Marine Parade. and Sealawn Terrace) temporary of course but at the same height as the intended height of the ...

I am ot biased, it is you that is taking that role. Is there an age limit to becoming a trans? If not, as from today I am changing my gender and becoming a female. I would like to be known as Clemantine and adressed as Ms. I am going to Matalan to get fitted out with female attire and then dress in that attire and walk down the Strand just to see what reactions I get. And then tomorrow I will ...

16 Apr 2019

I know two trans, one in Exeter and one here in Dawlish. Both in my opinion have mental health problems and should be treated as such. Other people with mental health problems get good treatment.

16 Apr 2019

@S Transgender is real whether you believe it or not. A lot of people believe in faries, but I don't know which ones. How are you going to show me that trans are real, what evidence do you have?

16 Apr 2019

Everybody stop where you are and think about those that are on the fiddle by declaring "I am a transgender". Males can go into the ladies and females can go into the mens. I have also heard from a reliable source, that NHS RD&E are struggling. They do not want males on female wards, and niether do they want females on male wards. I would say this, look at their birth certificate and if it say's ...

15 Apr 2019

Everybody is jumping on the band wagon. Shortly, you will not be able to utter a word as it will be classed as something. How many of you read the article where a nurse at the RD&E hospital addressed someone as sir. It turned out he is classing him/herself as TRANSGENDER, And complained bitterly to management. The Americans armed forces will only accept the gender you were born with and not the ...