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And there is always more that they will not tell you about until it hits you. But guaranteed it will not hit the rich. They have always been the dirtiest underhand party that ever existed, yet you still get people voting for them that are the hardest hit. My mother was a strong tory voter, and she struggled trying to bring up five of us. She would not change her mind at any cost. Snobbery comes to ...

9 Jun 2019

I may have taken a fix carer, of coco, before I was accused of making spelling mistakes and being never wrong..

9 Jun 2019

Who forced Gove to take drugs? And who forces any other person to take drugs? Has Gove however profoudly sorry he is that he took drugs, ever considered reporting the person that supplied the drugs to him, to the authorities? He has (Gove) admitted he committed a crime, so what are the authorities going to do about it albeit twenty years ago when it happened???? A crime is a crime however long ago ...

The tories have to have a majority in parliament first, and from where I am standing, that is not likely to happen, before anyone in the party can become PM. Don't forget you have Brexit waiting in the wings and it could be Nigel that gets that honour.

3 Jun 2019

So the part of the joke that may have offended some is quite bizzare really. Akeem say's, "We're not all barbarians who do such awful stuff like that - We're a tolerant and peaceful religion and deserve some damned respect." And then at the end he tells his workmate what he did. "We stoned her for ...

Trump and Boro
3 Jun 2019

Oh! looks like I've upset someone, who say's I am always right? It certainly isn't me. I have been accused many times of being wrong, yet no one has come forward showing me how wrong I have been. You migt call him BOJO, but i can choose to call him what I like.

2 Jun 2019

So one buffoon endorses another buffoon to be the next Prime Minister. But first of all Boro has to be elected the leader of the tory party and then does anyone believe that the tories will win the next general election? To me it will be highly unlikely.

EU Elections
27 May 2019

And JC is saying today that he will listen to what people wanted, well if he had done that before we would now be rowing our own boat. He doesn't know how to listen, he bangs on about other things and would not listen to what the the people voted on in the referendum.

Those that will be building the sea wall have to live somewhere

Whoever it is it will not make a jot of difference to me. Whatever they try and do, it will not change the position the Con party face now, they will still remain the under dogs fighting for survival.