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Dawlish News

Calamari, What a stupid question. if the engine is running and you are going nowhere, you are creating polutution whether there is anyone in the vehicle or not.

14 Mar 2018

And I wish drivers would switch off their engines whilst stationary, after all, it is an offence to remain stationary with your engine running. £20 fine rising to £40 if not paid within a time frame. Air polution is as big a problem as is plastic waste.

Most drivers haven't got much sense when it comes the noise of a siren from any emergency vehicle. Some don't hear them, (radio to loud),, some panic when they do, others mostly older folk are hard of hearing anyway. They can be heard quite a distance from when you first hear it, Pull in where it is safe to do so. even if that means speeding up first to gain a bit of distance to find a place. You ...

Judge Graham Cottle is a criminal himself. He was once the recorder of Exeter, he was removed from the Exeter circuit for wrong doings and found his way to the Plymouth circuit for a while. He is now back in Exeter but not as the recorder, but as a crooked judge. I have every symphathy with the mum who is against his actions.

Someone is going to have to protect those villages, towns along the route from Starcross to Teignmouth. I don't think there will be two lots of money available to cover what is suggested and to protect what is protected now. Money from the government is normally only thrown in one direction. But time will tell!

3 Mar 2018

More hollow talk.

What would happen to Starcross, Dawlish and Teignmouth if there was no protection, (which they now have) if there was no rail line?


I don't think you will get a lot for 4.5M. Watch the price go up!!!!!!

I asled that very question many years ago of Exeter City Council as to how many houses they owned, that were standing empty There answer was on these lines. :- We have to keep a stock of empty properties for unforeseen circumstances and there are proffessional people who move around the country (lecturers, professors and the like, that need accomodation at very short notice. Well what are ...

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