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Dawlish News

And there is now (so I am told)  a third person who is a friend of Keiron O'sullivan. His first name is Chris, both have mental health problems.

9 Dec 2018


8 Dec 2018

An average person can walk at 4mph, Keiron was not aerage and was probably in his state down to about 2mph, he can't have gone far. It is time for people to look in their gardens, in their sheds and anywhere else orthers may think he could have gone.

8 Dec 2018

It was a purple colored dressng gown, and as the police have searched his flat, if those articles of clothing are not there then we must assume that is all he had on. He was walking, so someone must have seen him.

No GWR and there was several right up to the 2100hrs. If they can keep running, why can't cross country. Some of the trains are un-marked, so they may have been the cross country one's.

There are barn owl's, tawny owl's, long-eared owl's and I suspect this one is pole owl who only likes to sit a particular pole.

23 Nov 2018

It's a hoot

Can you believe the news papers? Train has just pulled into the station from N/A and it is 1915hrs

Shall I mention this? oh go on then. I once witnessed the same thing happening and what is more, their parents were with them. I said to one of the parents, "do you see all those stones on the sea wall, well, I nor anyone else put them there, they are washed up by the waves that your children are trying to dodge, if one of those stones hit those children someone could be in a lot of trouble". ...

So take your dogs out on Sat and Sun!!!!!!!!!!

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