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The Tories represent the rich, only the misinformed will vote for the Tories on June 8th, and that definitely includes those those who've taken the Brexit bait.

Then change will be forced upon them and they'll have to adapt, change is inevitable.

4 Jun 2017

@leatash . i never stated we should go back to the 60s and 70s, that's in the past. I agree with your comment about an "I'm alright jack" attitude. Maybe more people today people are just concerned about themselves and their family and  little else beyond that, compared to in the past. But the rise of individualism is born out of Thatcher's meritocracy, it worked people are less likely to ...

4 Jun 2017

Forget making them sit up and listen. They're often referred to as the 'political class', they relate more to the corporation, bankers and upper class than they do to citizens going about their daily lives. They occupy their own class between the top in society who the appease and aspire to replicate and those at the bottom who they have little in common with and in the case of the Tory party; who ...

4 Jun 2017

Politicians are part of the system, they uphold it. The system is inherently flawed, therefore politicians are part of the problem and not part of the solution. From what i've seen locally, nationally and internationally the vast majority are in it for themselves or are simply lobbyists for powerful corporations and institutions that have basically bought democracy. We can change this ...

@FredBassett the turn out does speak volumes about how the people of Dawlish feel about politics But can you blame them when local politicians are turncoats?  And Westminster if full of fraudsters and a Tory cabinet full of millionaires.

@Lynne did you ask if the mayor has defected to the tories?

@SickOfIt hey gorgeous. no need to diss me. And why do you want to argue with me anyway? Why make it personal? Coincidentally I'm just off to the Exeter Respect Festival to meet some other 'narrow, closed minded' folk. haha. I'll catch you later xx

Illegal Parking
3 Jun 2017

I completely agree with @Gloria whereas the photographer owns the copyright to the photograph, i believe they should have a duty of care to seek the consent of the other person in order to take the photograph in the first place and  also to inform them of any intention to publish on the internet or elsewhere. If an agreement isn't reached the photo should not be published. Or even taken for ...

Maybe the Tories miss their junior partners and the coalition is back on...