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@Lynne , so you're on first name terms with the mayor, are you friends? What did you expect Wrigley's response to be? 'Oh yes I've defected to the Tories and I'm voting for Anne-Marie Morris'? And what would Anne-Marie Morris' response be? 'Yes it was all a bit of mischief with the photo, we hatched the plan after a few sherries in the Conservative club'? I wonder why you bother.

did you make this up @Lynne ? where's the quote from?

@leatash what so this tory government sells arms to saudi arabia and may turns a blind eye to saudis funding and arming isis so our government make a dent in the deficit? and mps award themselves pay rises and all manner of perks? when everyone else's wages fall or stagnate in real terms? So the people who lost their lives in London and Manchester did so because our government has to service ...

@Lynne i wonder why you bother sometimes.

A politician presenting things exactly how they're not. I suppose it's on-topic with the thread title. This cartoon explains perfectly the lengths PM May is taking to make sure we live in 'a secure nation'

5 Jun 2017

no need to apologize @Lynne , i'm not really bothered. plus it's election time and i supposed it islinked as it's about a question of trust. Interesting article and yes I agree - What lots of people don't understand is that being in the EU and closely allied with the US has meant that the establishment has been able to create a facade that we're not a nation in post-colonial decline. ...

sort it out @north devonian

Interesting as this is, it has gone somewhat off-topic. The original post was about a Independent councillor being a Lib Dem party member. Their declaration of interest confirms this http:// as does naively being photographed with a Lib Dem sign, on Lib Dem candidate Marie Chadwick's General Election flyer. ...

The 'Independents' candidate K. Hardy has been proposed by our 'not so Independent afterall' town councillor .A Foden. I hope K. Hardy is truly Independent, Cllr Foden hasn't replied to me.

@Lynne i read that letter. i thought the professor made some excellent points and his argument was evidence based. unfortunately politicians who are highly educated dismiss views of experts in their fields. publicly at least they don't display the same disdain as the two contributors on that thread. however politicians like gove and johnson have an ideological agenda to shrink the state and ...