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Ooh aren't you brave. Of course you're going to claim you don't post under any other names on this site. But why should anyone believe you? I on the other hand have numerous pseudonyms on this site. You have no reason to report me. And 'Troll Child'? Now that's ironic coming from you. Go and waste someone else's time, in fact you'd be better off enrolling in an anger ...

I'd expect Green party leaflets to advocate voting Green.

@HuwMatthews2 i'll address you directly shall i? I've reported you once already for trolling. You went silent for a while. funny how in your absence someone called @SickOfIt harassed me on every post, much as you do. and shortly after they went silent, low and behold who rears their obnoxious head? but @HuwMatthews2 ! You're the one with a child-like grudge, I'm not ...

@Lynne , yes i know, i re-read it and posted above. @Lynne do you work in the lib dem campaign office? He exists - what as an actor? The quote given is just another example of the Lib Dems belittling other parties and arrogantly telling the voter what the 'smart choice is or who we 'should' vote for, but without offering any substance as to what makes the Lib Dems ...

oh look @HuwMatthews2 is addressing me directly.

@Lynne okay it's from a lib dem leaflet. it's hardly objective is it? any party can find someone who used to be a member or councillor of another party and who changed their minds and joined them. For all we know this could be fabricated. And tactical voting is applicable to around 48 seats where the combined opposition votes can topple the Tories. Newton Abbot isn't among the 48+/-.

He does seemed rather chuffed with himself on the councillor profile photo. Maybe always wearing the chains are to do with peacocking? A display of power and manliness.

7 Jun 2017

because anyone who is confident and secure wouldn't feel the need to reply to @Lynne 's email. they'd just see the photo as a meaningless mistake or perhaps a bit of tory mischief. that flyer would have been sent out all over the constituency, only a small number of people in dawlish who are interested in the charade that is dtc would recognize cllr wrigley. @TheObserver are you ...

7 Jun 2017

@Lynne "It is election time. Of course, he is not supporting her re-election." Cllr Wrigley obviously thought it was necessary to state that he's not voting for Anne-Marie Morris. And well I never turns out he's voting for the Lib Dem candidate.

oh look @HuwMatthews2 is back on i thought he'd become sick of it.