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It's about time these women are named and shamed for wasting police time.

Not to worry. We have a Countryside Park, a Cycle Path, and possibly soon, a state of the art playground. All of which will bring trippers/holidaymakers here in there thousands.

Good luck Tracy and thank you for all you have done. All the very best in your new venture.

Sorry, but people are their own worse enemy and only themselves to blame. Anyone with an ounce of sense would have realised it was a scam. Just stop and think. Would HMRC really phone you saying that you owed money? Of course they wouldn't.

Bitterly cold in January! That's amazing. How unusual for winter.

So they should go up. After all, we have to take care of the shareholders. They (shareholders) deserve every penny they get because of all the money they put in.

One irresponsible owner obviously.

Good advice but it goes to show/prove that a lot of people have no common sense when it comes to things like this and have to be told what to do.

Maybe it's because it might offend someone, like a lot of other traditions. Just a thought.

Dawlish Taxi's
20 Dec 2017

@Diana Mond Thank you.