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Does the (former?) Monopolies Commision look at local issues?

Lynne, you queried the change of name from years back. An intimate male piercing, said to have been adopted by Queen Victoria's husband, is called a 'Prince Albert'.  Seems plausible the brewery thought it inappropriate to continue with the name in a genteel neighbourhood?

William Power did a very good job on my balcony.  He lives on the Bovis estate so is undoutedly local.

If ITV costs anything less to run than the BBC I'd be very suprised. Even if I don't own or watch a television , advertisers pay to run ITV and consequently I pay for it when I buy their products. No escape! If I chose to buy a newspaper six or seven days a week, I'd pay vastly more each year than a TV licence - and the papers are supported additionally by advertising.  Sky's monthly ...

In the event of joining a shortish queue, leaving an appreciable gap might indeed make sense.  In a long queue, it would surely double or treble (maybe more?) the LENGTH of the tailback - perhaps through the town, or in the 'Morrison's' location, back to Newton Abbot?  OK, I've exagerated!

As so often, it appears the journalist misunderstood the expert's statement.  The last line of that tells us the erosion will continue and reach PRE SCHEME levels by 2030, not REPLENISH by then.

New name?  Hows about Car Free Hay?

12 Feb 2018

So the entire Bovis/Cavanna estate remains a cul de sac for years to come.  Leaving access at the discretion of a few inconsiderate parkers in the event of emergency vehicle attendance.  Also continuing annoyance to the residents of Elm Grove Road, the only really practical route (Rue?) to civilisation. Thank goodness we now have one piece of infrastructure in the form of a shop (albeit ...

Seem to be a lot of devices (air con maybe) on the roof.  Will they test it in high sea conditions?

As a lifelong socialist (with a small s) I am horrified that Corbyn was imposed upon us.  A pacifist is an idealist, not a strong leader or prime-ministerial candidate , although maybe(?) an honorable person.  My vote has already been cast by post into the Wigan area, where Labour's votes are traditionally plentiful anyway.  If Labour were to rise back as a viable opposition, then we could hope ...