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General Discussion

10 Jun 2020 08:21

Application Details '20/00053/FUL'


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Sea Light , 28 The Strand, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9PS
Dawlish South West
Change of use from A4 (public house) to C3 (dwelling)
Full Planning Application
Decision Level:
Delegated Decision
Case officer:
Date received:
Date validated:
Publicity expiry:
Target date:
Decision issued:
Applicant name:
Mr Kian de la Cour
Applicant address:
Sea Light, 28 The Strand, Dawlish, Devon, EX7 9PS
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10 Jun 2020 09:48

Why the ? After ex. It was a pub, the hole in the wall.

10 Jun 2020 10:06

Yes I know it was a pub called the Hole in the Wall. But hasn't it been used for other things since the pub closed? Or has it opened as a pub again?

The planning application refers to it as a pub (implying that is what it is presently used for).  So my first thought was, there is no pub on the Strand. Then having looked at the planning app I realised that it was the site of The Hole in The Wall.

Maybe it's still registered officially as a pub.

That is what was confusing me. I thought it might confuse others as well. Hence the ?

But maybe I have managed to sow even more confusion?


Hole In The WallDawlish - another lost pub. The Hole In The Wall was situated at 28 The Strand, and was previously known as The Prince Albert. This pub was closed c. 2008 by Heavitree Brewery and is now used for a community project.


10 Jun 2020 11:12

I think it is still a pub, you do not need change of use to sell coffee or run a charity lounge, I might be wrong but I did not see any change of use go through.

10 Jun 2020 11:26

If no change of use needed so that therefore none has been registered, that would explain why it is still referred to as a pub then.

So de jure a pub even though de facto not a pub for the past 12 years or so. 

12 Jun 2020 04:06

It was known as 'The Hole In The Wall' for decades. It was called 'The Priince Albert'. No doubt he did something that upset someone so it must be demoliished immediately!!!!



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12 Jun 2020 05:52

I have absolutely no idea why the name of the pub was changed.

Perhaps Dawlish museum, a local historian or Heavitree Brewery could enlighten us.

From looking at its planning history it seems the pub had its named changed from The Prince Albert to The Hole in The Wall circa 2001.  


Just did a quick search online and found out that until 1926 there was a brewery in the High Street that had an off licence shop on The Strand in front of the Hole in The Wall public house in Lawn Hill. Brewery Hole in The Wall Dawlish&source=bl&ots=u_dC5g9gL_&sig=ACfU3U0CzIbyo6cRqftED-fM2FqitYZMSg&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiQxNzP0vvpAhXHaRUIHa58DQgQ6AEwA3oECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=Heavitree%20Brewery%20Hole%20in%20The%20Wall%20Dawlish&f=false  



12 Jun 2020 12:02

The question now is will it get passed, and if so will other commercial properties in The Strand follow suite. I am not sure if that would be a good or a bad thing. 

12 Jun 2020 13:11

Don't know about The Strand but think there are examples of shop fronts being turned into accommodation both in Queen Street and on the other side of the Lawn, along Brunswick. 


It will be planning rules and regs that will decide the issue though rather than any economic considerations/impact on The Strand and the town centre economy.

12 Jun 2020 14:23

Past history suggests not, remember the years planners stopped the building of McCarthy apartments on Teignmouth sea front because they, the council, wanted hotel accommodation. We were left with an eyesore for many years. The same happened in Torquay. 

26 Jun 2020 14:34
ShyTalk 47
ShyTalk 47
29 Jun 2020 11:05

Lynne, you queried the change of name from years back.

An intimate male piercing, said to have been adopted by Queen Victoria's husband, is called a 'Prince Albert'.  Seems plausible the brewery thought it inappropriate to continue with the name in a genteel neighbourhood?

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18 Aug 2020 06:19

Happened to be in town yesterday and noticed that the 'For Sale' sign that had gone up back in June is no longer there. So thought I'd click on the estate agents link that I posted above. When I posted that it back in June it gave details and pictures of the property. Just tried the link again - now just a blank page. 

17 Sep 2020 10:21

Planning permission granted 

30 Nov 2020 11:22
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