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Back in September my wife phoned Teignbridge Council about this and was told it was the responsibility of Network Rail, so she wrote and complained to the Chief Executive of Network Rail about the whole sorry state of Dawlih sea front.  A letter came back on 27 Sptember to say that all the points raised  ie,  blocked stream water outlet, cafe, lack of seating, state of the surface of King's Walk ...

Are land trains expensive to purchase, Torquay has there train currently up for sale at £90,000, quite a lot of money,- but I do know of one going up for auction within the next 4 weeks at a suggested guide price of £23,000 - £25,000 - comments anyone ?

10 Sep 2016

Has anyone considered using a land train, a visitor attraction that is used in Torquay ( Ist Jan - 31st Dec ) This could be used not only as an added attraction for dawlish that I am certain visitors (and locals) would enjoy, especially if there was a drop off point at the Manor Play Park & lawns. Doing this, if it was cost effective, would save disrupting our lovely lawn, a ...

Any Ideas?
9 May 2016

Like so many persons I concern myself regarding the forthcoming referendum in June. For myself I am hoping for a Brexit result. We hear from the remain camp the dangers of leaving the EU, from the large corporations, Richard Branson, President Obama, etc. Please take a look at the facebook page of Tony Everest  and consider the views of the European Presidents of Europe's three main institutions ...

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