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Monty, the decision by TDC was nothing to do with what was reported by the then Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Dawlish. The facts are contained in this link:

LN, I know what the report says about it being a "quiet zone". 8 years on, I personally believe that we need to look at the success of the Teignmouth model, and create a play park to help continue stopping Dawlish from becoming a dead zone.  Sadly the only opinions that are being heard are those of the old aged residents (I don't mean you LN btw!).

16 Aug 2016

LN, the same 2008 report also states that the land between the unsightly bandstand and the bowling green is "something of a dead space". In my opinion, the proposed play park would bring it to live. And with it retain and gain business within the town. To compare the little playground at the manor with the fun play park in Teignmouth is frankly like comparing chalk and cheese. Hopefully the ...

Oh sorry LN, I thought you were on a crusade to stop housing being built. Apologies if I've misread your articles.

15 Aug 2016

Hope you're not too disappointed LN, the programme will be bemoaning the fact that not enough new homes are being built!

Sunny intervals on Thursday and light rain showers on Friday. 😎

What something is that Bee9?  Factual? Positive?  Half Full?

Bee9, you're asking me to keep me opinions to myself? This is a forum, officer, and so I'm as entitled to my positive opinions as you are to your negative opinions. What are rates? They don't exist in the 21st century. I pay £1.2K a year in council tax, but don't begrudge for a moment having to occasionally get my strimmer out to keep the grass verges in front of my home looking tidy. Like ...

15 Aug 2016

The people being helped like volunteers too.

15 Aug 2016

Maybe someone should set up a volunteers group? Call it "Pride in Dawlish" or whatever, and instead of moaning or taking photos of fallen tree leaves, use that time to make a small difference. Just a thought. And yes, I know people will say that's what we should be paying our taxes for, but civic pride costs nothing doesn't it?  And it might make you feel a bit better about yourself into the ...