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Dawlish News

Supposedly the work on the sea wall at Dawlish recommences this month. So what happened about the engineers checks saying the underlying sandstone was breaking. I assume they have been told they got it wrong?

A bit harsh putting Brian Downie in with this bunch. It clearly shows the poor bloke was suffering from a form of dementia. Your own article substantiates this. Usual poor news reporting by a sub standard news paper. Deepest sympathies to the victim and her family for the tragic loss.

You put tons of concrete onto permeable SANDSTONE that is soaked with sea water and the pressure of winter storms  and you are surprised it starts to give. I think building structures on soft foundations was never a good idea. I believe it may even be mentioned in the bible. Still you can bet someone is still going to make even more money from this cock up.

I don't believe it was trust. In my opinion she only got another term on the gravy train because she was the lesser of two candidates. The only time you see her is when there is a national media event. Unlike many of her constituents she will be getting paid far above those who pay her salary, expenses, etc, etc and have to scrimp and save to pay their bills just to live. As for the £16 ...

Should have served 2 years, peice of dog poop

Then will more than likely be allowed on day release in a few years time.

I would be more concerned about  people walking around with machettes and guns Its all well and good spouting about knife crime, but its the root causes that need to be dealt with. Considering you can find a knife literally anywhere. Drugs, gangs, illegal firearms, organised prostitution, terrorist groups, oh and politicians who cause more damage to this country than anyone ...

They will say anything to get into power for the next 5 years. The only thing that you can bank on is their pay will go UP every year and taxes will continue to increase. Other than that same old, same old. Call me cynical, but I have witnessed this many times in my 60 years of living in this beggars paradise we call the UK.

the difference is that the bude swans haven't had their power of flight taken away from them.


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