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Dawlish News

Should have served 2 years, peice of dog poop

Then will more than likely be allowed on day release in a few years time.

I would be more concerned about  people walking around with machettes and guns Its all well and good spouting about knife crime, but its the root causes that need to be dealt with. Considering you can find a knife literally anywhere. Drugs, gangs, illegal firearms, organised prostitution, terrorist groups, oh and politicians who cause more damage to this country than anyone ...

They will say anything to get into power for the next 5 years. The only thing that you can bank on is their pay will go UP every year and taxes will continue to increase. Other than that same old, same old. Call me cynical, but I have witnessed this many times in my 60 years of living in this beggars paradise we call the UK.

the difference is that the bude swans haven't had their power of flight taken away from them.


1 Nov 2019


16 Oct 2019


8 Oct 2019

At the very least the government should impose an immediate ban on push bikes going on roads which have a speed limit above 30 mph. Then enforce it with a large fine, bike confiscated and if they have a driving licence.. 3 points on it.

2 Oct 2019

There are a lot more ignorant cyclists on our roads than people driving motorised vehicles going about their daily business on our roads. Time after time I witness the ignorant/arrogant attitude of Lycra clad t@@ts on the roads around Devon. @er113 to many selfish cyclists on our roads, if a vehicle driver drove the way many cyclists ride down here you would not have a driving licence for ...

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