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Dawlish News

Suspended sentence! 21 months what a joke. The uk legal system is as bad as the Uk Government when it comes to actually doing a proper job.

Southwest rail resilience programme, it may be good for stopping the railway line falling into the sea, but in my opinion, it is destroying Dawlish as a seaside town.

@1263 - more chance of coming across a pile of rocking horse s t, in my opinion.

Dawlish has been in steady decline over the last 20 years or so. We have The Lawn that has prohibition notices, but no enforcement. Feral gangs of kids roaming around dressed in dark tracksuits, hoodies and baseball caps with fanny packs strapped across their chest with some on push  bikes with rucksacks emulating the feral gangs you see on TV. The chances of seeing a bobby walking around ...

Horrendous R.I.P little one. In doggy heaven now.

The large trees in the surgery car park seem to be being cut down to the ground. Dont know how many and they look healthy. I assume its Teignbridge doing their usual deforestation to save on sweeping the leaves up.

Shame the police DO NOT enforce it in Dawlish, just makes a joke of the notices.

They most probably have had enough of Dawlish and done a swimmer, seeing as their wings are clipped. Best of luck to their new lives in sunny Torquay.

The minority of selfish people spoiling it for the majority as usual.

You know this is just all hot air, the hospital will be closed all part of the government plan.

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