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Dawlish News

They are actually complaining that there are no covid tests, Baaaaa, Baaaaa, Baaaa, Baaaaa. Next these whiney wokes will be complaining there is no one to tuck them in and read them a bed time story. Its a BEAR GRYLL's music festival, let your DOCKING hair down and enjoy. Need a pee or poop go behind a bush. Dear Lord what a bunch of children.

Or it's possible they are going to be centalised, say Land's End or John O'Groats to save a few quid.

Infections, you mean primarily positive results from tests that are not fit for purpose, in my opinion. The sheeple getting tested for the sake of it just furthers the Governments agenda to strip away your freedoms, again in my opinion. You will be happy and own nothing. Welcome to 1984.

£4.9 million pounds of tax payers money to build a road through a housing estate that the developers arent willing to pay up front for themselves. The sheer madness that devon council have bent over and have taken it right up the tradesmen's for the benefit of greedy developers's. Getting the money back from the developers will be interesting to see over the years, in my opinion. My question is ...

I have lived in Dawlish for nearly 2 decades and in that time it has gone from a town to feel proud of to a town showing signs of neglect and increasing rises in crime. A society with a police force who does little to curb the young from being anti social and committing low level criminal acts is in itself committing crimes against society. As they are then complicit in the criminal acts they ...

The fact the railway line sea wall was not maintained for decades obviously has nothing to do with the collapse.

Another year Dawlish suffers from the continued sea wall work.

Let me sum this up in a few words, thousands of homes with little if any infrastructure. All the goodies for Newton Abbot and Exeter, in my opinion.

So how many tens of thousands of tonnes are they using then?

So he gets away with two counts of attempted arson to endanger life with merely a restraing order. The courts are a joke, but god forbid you dont pay all of your rates or tv license.

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