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today plenty of commercial passenger planes whizzing into and out of uk. just a few this a.m. manchester to goa london to frankfurt london to dublin antigua to london miami to london london to atlanta san francisco to london toronto to london and the list just goes on and on

@jock99 ..well said.

24 Mar 2020

@HuwMathews2    stupid is as stupid does my old gran use to say. If you want to stroll around doing your shopping in a confined space with a hundred or so people coughing and sniffing and bumping into you by all means go ahead without a mask and eye protection. Its your attitude that is allowing the virus to spread unchecked. SHAME ON YOU

Watching Flightradar24 on android for flights on planes around the world. Cannot believe the number of planes landing in the UK from destinations all over the world. These are mainly commercial passenger planes not cargo.

@jock99 stay safe, @Cassandra thanks for the info..stay safe.

23 Mar 2020

I was the only one wearing a P3 mask and eye protection. Spent 40 mins meandering through the aisles while everyone else wandered passed each other from a couple of feet to  mere inches. None of the staff had any protective gear other than a small bottle of hand sanatiser. back to the car and wiped everything down with antiseptic wipes and hand gel. Back home sanatised all packaging and ...

@leatash ....two women were putting out tables and chairs on the outside section of the cafe. They certainly both stopped and gave me the eyeball when I took a couple of pics of them doing it.

22 Mar 2020


Car park literally full with groups of people chatting and eating and drinking from mobile cafe. In 15 years the only time its ever this busy is usually New Years eve. Amazing how people react to a pandemic.

@leatash .....indeed, but ignorance is as ignorance does.

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