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@TRB. I suppose a donation to the Wriggley election campaign fund is a non-starter.

What comes to mind whenever i see political bar charts LIES, DAMN LIES , and STATISTICS.

I also have not received a flyer from the con party so in this age of reuse recycle reduce  should we just not pass the flyer on to our neighbour and they can pass it on again add infintim rather than  than just binning it.Hold on this sounds a great idea i am claiming copyright for the next political flyer that says this, all copyright monies to @1263.

On the way

Thanks for that now i can sleep easy

@TRB As someone who is consistently in agreement with a lot of the posts you have raised i believe you are now taking this too personal.Lynne has every right to respond OR not to questions about her beliefs regarding political parties or candidates. As the saying goes " I dont like what you say but will defend your right to say it."  Time for cool heads.......lets try and keep it civil.

Article on the bbc in-depth program talking about voting and bar charts mentioning a lib dems north devon leaflet sayng only the lib dems can win, here showing a bar chart which showa data from years ago and not even mentioning the tories. If thats the calibre of decit by this party why would anyone vote for them. They rightly treat the pubic as fools who dont know any better. Time for a ...

17 Jun 2024

@lynne good to finish on an upbeat note saying you might vote for the tree huggers and car haters if u lived elsewhere.  The lib dem council declared a climate change emergency and to address this employed someome with a salary of £35k to probably make graphs and push papers around costing the taxpayer £165k over the next 5years (not including defined benefit pension).On a different tack  wonder ...

17 Jun 2024

@lynne  yes you can vote for the lib dems, shame that you didnt say upfront you are a lib dem i am not biased as i detest all of the main party politicans and have no political affiliations, but what strikes me is that rotten borough have said that wreigly contacted webmaster about sda comments , i dont know if that is true but if it is why, as he not answered or refuted the ...

Utter mince