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Paying tribute to Cllr Hook, who returns to the backbenches, he said: “He has led the Lib Dems with flourish and cheery determination, and his vision for what the council could do has brought about real changes. The first time in nearly three decades, Teignbridge is building council housing, we are further empowering the local councils, and across the district, we are planting more trees, and ...

Be aware the langstone cliff will charge you for parking if you do not spend a minimum of £3/person. So if you are a couple and spend less you ( Say a pot of tea )  will pay parking charges. Nothing on their website to alert you that this is  happening. If you arrive at the  hotel and change your mind about buying anything there may be the possiblity that you have to pay a parking charge ( ...

Mother-of-eight, 36, avoids jail after scrounging nearly £100,000 in illegal benefit claimsshe made on behalf of relatives living in Pakistan in return for going on a course to teach her it's not a victimless crime Saaba Mahmood, 36, took state benefit handouts on behalf of her aunt and uncle She knew they were living in Pakistan but 'didn't realise' they couldn't claim Admitted ...

what a load of boll***ks- more woke crap

believe it's another jumper.

What's going on there? £2.50 to park your car.!!! How to lose local business

Very good boot sale, facilities good and well laid out. hope it becomes a regular feature.

No Cover
20 Jul 2020

@brooklyn bridge Contact  your local MP and  Hernandaz the loco crime commisioner  after all she pleaded for  more rates money to recruit more police officers and ends up and buying tazers. No doubt the begging bowl will come out next march saying she needs more money due to covid.

anthony josha (boxer) says boycott white shops, isn't that racist?   celebrities with no sense of irony make me la ugh..............

10 Jun 2020

Damn!!! s uppose that means not m uch chance of black and white minstrels being repeated on telly.