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Well you've said it yourself - it's sad and dangerous to make judgements based on what people post on here, so perhaps you and anyone else who think it's okay to assassinate characters should rein in your comments on this site and be more respectful of others.   Good luck, taking care of ageing parents is a very rewarding experience.

13 Apr 2015

I wasn't talking about friends or associates, I meant voters who, presumably like me, wouldn't know one councillor from another, but make their judgements based on what they read here.   Being a councillor surely requires you to keep your dignity, for the reputation of Dawlish at the very least.  If it's not too impertinent, is there a reason why you're not standing this time?

13 Apr 2015

Margaret Swift, do you have any idea why no one is paying tribute to you?

It's true you can't please all of the people all of the time but it's been said the accounts were only up to October 2013.  Wasn't a previous grant postponed until they could come up with the last set - it sounds like the alarm bells have rung before.  I have a small business and I have nine months to submit my official accounts but it doesn't stop me having a working set of up to date accounts in ...

I don't feel like it Burnside, I think it's better to debate than try to silence someone just because I don't like them or disagree with them. That's the point I was trying to make, not very well it would seem.  I'm not looking for an argument. @webmaster - it's an intriguing thread that burnside's posted.  there are multiple posts by judith chalmers which have been removed even though they ...

14 Mar 2015

I wasn't excluding myself I was pointing out that Mrs C is no worse than you or anyone else who causes offence by their remarks. I thought calling someone a homophobe for using the word queer in that context was a cynical and inflammatory troll.    I didn't report you though, I responded to you in kind.

14 Mar 2015

I think she's getting reported because a few of you don't like what she writes not because she's breaking the T&Cs.  Look back at how you speak to others and tell me that you're any more respectful.  You've done a fair bit of trolling yourself why do you think that's okay but she isn't?

14 Mar 2015

Dig deeper Webmaster, looks like you're being played.   Maybe it'll turn into Dawlishgate.  Look what that did to Nixon.

I think your nose must be too near your backside Burneside.  The meaning was quite clear to me and I'm guessing everyone else.

I feel stupid, I thought it was a debate about whether Bristol or Castle Cary was the main line but now I realise I stumbled into gang warfare.  I'm outta here!