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Dawlish Town Council has been awarded £19,212 for Dawlish Playpark. To install a new Playpark in Dawlish, which will include a train in GWR colours. The grant has come from GWRs Customer and Community Improvement Fund.

20 Jun 2018

Sadly, some people just see a big space and feel a need to fill it! The lawn area is always busy with people just enjoying the space, the benches, the brook, the wild fowl and the bowling.Why do we need a watered down version of what Paignton and Teignmouth have? We have something they don’t so let’s not spoil it!

Well said DEEDOODLE it’s a pity the individual doesn’t take heed and take a hike, this forum would be a much better place.

I am a bit confused as to why they are applying for a licence as they have been serving beer and wine for years. Was the licence just restricted to the chippy cafe and the one next door and the new application is for the new establishment, formerly Beach Cafe?

I hope the people who run Red Rock cafe read Mrs Cs disgusting post above and take some action. They planned to a few years ago when she put false information on here about them, perhaps this time they will. What a despicable woman Mrs C is but, as the saying goes, the leopard never changes its spots.

Clearly majorp wasn’t affected hence the calvalier attitude. It might have been four trains yesterday but this has been going on for weeks so it’s likely to be four trains at a miimum every srormy day, and we have had a lot of those over the last six weeks. Why Cross Country trains are allowed to run trains not fit for purpose is beyond me! The Voyager trains can not withstand waves on the roof ...

Surely the most pressing need on the lawn is a replacement bandstand which looks aesthetically and culturally attractive. Exmouth and Dartmouth both have very good examples of very attractive bandstands which really enhance the environment they stand in.

I do hope Censi’s come back, they were brilliant and really did increase footfall to the beach. The Tuesday Pizza evenings were also very popular.

16 Jan 2018

Well if they bring rationing back at least it would solve the obesity problem! Leatash’s post on 13 January at 12.30 reminded me of an incident during my first week at school. One day suet beef pudding was served, I told the dinner lady I didn’t like it and I didn’t want any but she said I had to have protein and put a huge chunk of it on my plate. As it was on my plate the dinner ladies ...

Rail Fares
6 Jan 2018

Sometimes you can save substantial amounts by splitting your journey but staying on the same train. I have saved over £40 on two occasions this year. It doesn’t always work though, I think it depends on where and how far you are travelling. If I am travelling up to Manchester or Derbyshire I know to split my ticket at Bristol, Cheltenham and Birmingham New Street.