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Prove it, once and for all! There are so many consultation results who can say what the people of Dawlish really want. We need another INTELLIGENT consultation with balanced questions so a full analysis of the views of residents can take place. But people like you won’t want such a democratic approach because you are so biased!

Mrs C says stop the insults! She has spent years on here insulting every poster who disagrees with her! Talk about pot, kettle, black!! It takes my breath away!

And it even made the mini golf look exciting!!

Well said Deedoodle, ignore the facetious comments from others, you ask a really important question and one which many of us would like to have answered. The consultants for the ‘slug’ were paid over £20,000! How much are we wasting on consultants on the white elephant of the playpark, which most residents don’t want building on the beautiful unspoilt lawn area?

Oh, so the buses are going to fly through the air and not join the horrific traffic queues on the already congested road in and out of Dawlish!! I think we might be taliking about pink pigs flying here!!

Well that really is rich coming from Mrs C!

10 Nov 2017

@flo , you missed the point dear, i was having a dig at mrs c for her derogatory reference to oaps!

New Benches
10 Nov 2017

Apparently a spokesperson at Network Rail said they will never agree to put benches on the sea wall due to health and safety reasons. When I asked in a meeting a couple of years ago what the reasons were I was told that people could stand on the benches to get onto the line! I did point out the that the low wall all the way to DW provided much easier access to the line!

8 Nov 2017

Pity they weren’t putting them along the sea Wall!!

Apart from Deedoodle have any of the rest of you actually walked in this persons footsteps to see if what they are saying is accurate or are YOU just a load of OAPs having a moan? I for one will go and have a look at the weekend to see if this is an accurate report as, shock horror, it might be!!