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So, now the new GWR trains seem to be affected by salt water!! We have the voyager trains that cannot travel the sea wall at high tide because they break down if water gets on the roof and now we have the new GWR trains whose doors won’t open if they get slat water on then!! You really could not make this up!!

Because the Cross Country trains, the original Voyagers, break down when waves crash on the top of them! This doesn’t happen with the GWR trains or when CC run HST trains, which sadly isn’t very often!

24 Nov 2018

But was it a Cross country train?

@Lostit , i can see why you chose that particualr name for yourself!

If the meetings were interesting then perhaps the press might turn up! By the time you have listened to everything each councillor has done over the last month, most of which isn’t relevant, then there is little time for anything else.........yawn!!!!

Spend any money available on a tasteful bandstand, which can and will attract all age groups and be an asset to the lawn area.

They are planning to reshape the seawall along Marine Parade to deflect the waves back to the sea, whether that will work remains to be seen.

That did make me laugh Mrs C!

23 Aug 2018

There she goes again, there always has to be a personal attack with Mrs C, she just can’t resist, absolutely no will power al all!

It was, it was really exciting!