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Is that because the train journey is so much cheaper? I just pose the question. The trains between Exeter and Dawlish are always full to bursting so clearly it is a popular choice of transport. I know from my own experience that train travel is far cheaper than travelling by bus but we do need better rolling stock and greater capacity on our trains,

20 Feb 2015

You are absolutely right Lynne! I get my bus pass when I am 66 but by then they will be just a distant memory!! I was 60 in January!

Thanks for bringing this to people's attention Flo. This is a service that we have supported for a number of years and one which is well used and very much needed

Teignmouth definitely has X-ray facilities. Don't know about Dawlish.

That you really are a weirdo! I'd be very interested to see what you can pull up to substantiate your accsation of MY bullying. Only weak people bully others, as you well know.

18 Nov 2014

I rest my case.

18 Nov 2014

I still find it weird Mrs C. Get a life, I have!

18 Nov 2014

OMG I have never had a stalker before! Why would Mrs C keep all this information on me. I find this truly weird!

18 Nov 2014

Not at all Dorian. But I can see that some of your comments above leave a lot to be desired. No doubt you and Mrs C are very good friends.

18 Nov 2014

Mrs C you really do talk the biggest load of rubbish and what a hugely inflated ego you have! I respond to posts if I think I have anything to add. By and large I do my best to ignore yours.

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