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That chip must be weighing you down!

7 Jul 2016

Usual respnse from Mrs C! One day, maybe, there will be an intelligent response but I won't hold my breath! And I await the raft of negative responses from her very few henchmen! It really is all good fun.

Well, I have been talking to a friend today who is going to the concert. Mum, dad and two children. The concept of a free concert went out of the window weeks ago, as we all know. Tickets are NOT free when you have to pay the ticket master £8.50 for each ticket! Park and ride is £11 per person so, as they cannot afford £44 they are paying £27.50 to park in Powderham grounds. Who is getting all ...

A bit rich coming from Mrs C!!!

Thanks for your post Lynne. I think there is still some digging to do regarding who is paying how much and why. It stinks and it is disgraceful. I hope we all remember this when we next go to the polls.

13 Feb 2016

Very good idea Paul re naming and shaming the councillors who have so shamefully spent our hard earned money. It really does beggar belief!

13 Feb 2016

No, there isn't any guarantee re the net benefit. it is an outrageous waste of tax payers money.

12 Feb 2016

How can we sit back and allow TDC, some of whom are Dawlish Councillors, allow such a vast amount of OUR money to be spent on such a venture when the vast majority of the people benefitting will come from other parts of the country and, probably, not spend a penny in the County? This is a disgraceful waste of taxpayers money.

I hate them too stephen15! Be great if they are forced to use more HSTs down here. Happy New Year too.

1 Jan 2016

@stephen15 it was so bad throughout the morning and into the afternoon that the waves were hitting the up platform so the cc voyager trains would have been hit whatever line they were on and then they would have broken down. it would be better if cc ran hsts on our route then they wouldn't have to stop at exeter.

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