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Now come on DEEDOODLE, spit it out, what do you really think? Don't be shy. we're all friends here.

5 Jun 2018

Answers on a fag packet, left behind the bar in The Hart by,  Friday, please.

5 Jun 2018

If the cap fits........

3 Jun 2018

Dawlish, like this site is dying on its arse. It needs, a wet fish shop, a Lidl or Aldi , a gents outfitters and a Titty Bar. As for the downward spiral of this site, we all know who to blame.

You need a break DEEDOODLE , I hear Syria is quite nice this time of year.

We could have a wind farm on the lawn as well.

What a load of fuss. Do what I did,  I just bought a walking stick, a knocked off  blue badge and I park my Bentley Continental where ever I like.

1 Mar 2018


1 Mar 2018

I saw two postmen today wearing trousers, pussies!

Pics 23 02 2018
28 Feb 2018

Dear dear dear and there's no toe board on the scaffold outside Bombay Delights, clearly a health and safety issue. Appalling.