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Back to the naughty step for you.

3 Sep 2018

Any suggestions for the new name, keep them to yourselves, unless they are complimentary ones.

3 Sep 2018

Have some of that Mrs c and go and sit on the naughty step indefinitely.

31 Aug 2018

@mobeen Your nice polite attitude asking a valid question is refreshing. Sorry but I don't think you will fit in here.

Sorry flo , this is The Hotel California

There is a God.

Surely, everybody knew what they could get with their seafood.

Won't be anybody left.

19 Aug 2018

This is already going down hill, before it starts. What a hoot!

11 Aug 2018

In a turbulent world, how reassuring it is to see that things carry on as normal on in the meantime, perhaps all immigrants could adopt the philosophy of ,"When in Rome".