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Brian Devon

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It takes one to know one Dick head.

Co- Op
23 Sep 2019

Is the Co-Op closing down ?????

Why use Lloyd's or Boot's ?, We use Warren Pharmacy Dawlish Warren, or Well Pharmacy in Teignmouth both do FREE Delivery in Dawlish.

7 Jun 2019

Travellers rear of Sainbarys Dawlish, willbe on the Lawn next ????

Piper Bill
6 Jun 2019

Let's stop and think of Piper Bill Millin and all the other today 75 years ago.

Queen Street
24 May 2019

Think you should go to Specsaver.

Please call 07804 083079

All the best to all my friends and customers, from Brian the Mole Catcher 862246.

Rural Skip
28 Dec 2018

Not seen Mike for months is he still about ???

9 Mar 2016

Has anyone seen Michael walking with his skip, not seen him this year, This is not about the Carnival in anyway.