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Dawlish News

Why the heck don't they just give up on the line by the sea! ...get building Dawlish Parkway other side of town...or build a tunnell between the town and sea.. do you want a blocked view of sea and get town protected?.. I don;t think the town is that bothered on a rail service really..

Will have to stop the line at Dawlish Warren for Dawlish.  Chucking money at the wall to be washed away is crazy.  Open an inland line to Newton and yes Okehampton- Plymouth makes sense.

So there is no answer to it then ..just wait until the line is totally washed away.  Line westwards would end at Dawlish Warren for Dawlish.   Best get the Okehampon line open to get to Plymouth and  Cornwall.

10 Nov 2018

As for their idea of putting the line nearer the sea has to be the most bonkers idea!

10 Nov 2018

'Enough is enough' the sea gets to passengers getting off train!

One day someone will come with an idea of putting the line inland away from the sea ....Dawlish Parkway!

GWR didn't run when the line collapsed into the sea!

12 Oct 2018

When will they build an inland line away from the sea?..the sea will always win!

That has to be so sad!

5 Oct 2018

Seems crazy how people sit / lay on the beach just looking at their phone!  next will be the phone that will allow you to text in the sea lol.

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