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Dawlish News

What? Because of big helicopters flying over?

3 days ago

It's a Merlin. It's not 'a' ZJ118 but it mght be 'the' ZJ118. It's an aircraft reg number basically.

Perhaps Andy should come and talk to us...maybe?

@DeeDoodle Don't forget Teignmouth for the goodies!

HMS PoW is new (was off Carbis Bay for some reason apparently!). The Chinooks have been around for a while though.

Well, this is my graph up until last Sunday - so make your own minds up:

It sounds like you've also had enough of Dawlish? Bye then.

Don't really understand why this is 'News'. It's well documented, always seen. We used to play on it as kids.

Well that escalated quickly! What if leatash is in a rental where the landlord had installed 3x glazing. Or maybe the house was bought with it installed? I think it's you that's all heart (not!) MS.

@DEEDOODLE a) About 70% I believe. b) Correct. c) Wot? I was tested and it gave me confidence to continue working in the environment that I do. I'll continue to be tested regularly. d) If you want/need to fly in....expect to self-isolate. Don't see your point. e) what would you do? Bear in mind the lab capacity before you say more testing. As I said before, ...

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