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Dawlish News

Well that escalated quickly! What if leatash is in a rental where the landlord had installed 3x glazing. Or maybe the house was bought with it installed? I think it's you that's all heart (not!) MS.

@DEEDOODLE a) About 70% I believe. b) Correct. c) Wot? I was tested and it gave me confidence to continue working in the environment that I do. I'll continue to be tested regularly. d) If you want/need to fly in....expect to self-isolate. Don't see your point. e) what would you do? Bear in mind the lab capacity before you say more testing. As I said before, ...

16 May 2020

60 hours from test to result for me. I think that's brilliant! You always get's in their personality! When this is all over you want to be proud of what you did and negativity is not going to do that.

Does this really need to publicised? RIP. Now have some respect for the family's privacy at this sad time.

'Tourist' my shiny backside! This was planned way in advance. Scum.

All this money being spent on cycle routes and it appears that we'll have a beautifully flat piece of real estate from Exeter to N. Abbot (at a minimum) within 10 years that would serve perfectly. P.S. Can I have one of the tunnels for mushroom farming?

A quick search on Facebook reveals boths men originate from Sunderland.

I live in Holcombe and have had 28 tonne tipper trucks driving up the lane next to my house for months now (as witnessed by the demolished wall opposite my house). I just live with it. Someone's doing some what? But then I'm not yet a whinging git!

AKA The Widows Penny. Worth about £100.....if anyone would want to buy it.

@leatash I've tried myself but people (esp. holidaymakers) don't get it because they've never seen what the sea can do. Infact a 2m x 2m x 2m wave will weigh about 8 tonnes - and no one will stay standing if hit by that!

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