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Dawlish News

Well done Mr Chamberlain - shows up Tony Rowe for what he is, doesn't it ?

Yet now, according to the TV news, local councils are busy taking these notices down, saying they have no right to be there.  How much crazier is this country going to get ?

Going back to Ziggy's post, if the local police think Dawlish has a city council then they really have a problem.

Sorry, should have said, the link is to the combined timetable for 2, 22 and 222 from the Warren to Teignmouth and back.

26 May 2019

Hop 222 timetable here: Starting today.

Hm.  I guess this will still allow cars to get to the Starcross sailing club ? What about Powderham Corner (to start the towpath walk towards the Turf) ?

I guess this means the 187 ?  And I was told by one of their drivers they run two school buses as well.  I don't know what the implications are of needing a PSV licence (maybe they have such a thing already ?).

They keep talking about "£80 million" but what he said (at least, what he wrote in the local paper) was "up to £80 million". That means "maximum £80 million", doesn't it ?

And now,HMG apparently wants to raise the target from 620 to 777 houses a year.  Does anyone know why ?

What a weasel word 'misspoke' is.

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