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Dawlish News

Going back to Ziggy's post, if the local police think Dawlish has a city council then they really have a problem.

Sorry, should have said, the link is to the combined timetable for 2, 22 and 222 from the Warren to Teignmouth and back.

26 May 2019

Hop 222 timetable here: Starting today.

Hm.  I guess this will still allow cars to get to the Starcross sailing club ? What about Powderham Corner (to start the towpath walk towards the Turf) ?

I guess this means the 187 ?  And I was told by one of their drivers they run two school buses as well.  I don't know what the implications are of needing a PSV licence (maybe they have such a thing already ?).

They keep talking about "£80 million" but what he said (at least, what he wrote in the local paper) was "up to £80 million". That means "maximum £80 million", doesn't it ?

And now,HMG apparently wants to raise the target from 620 to 777 houses a year.  Does anyone know why ?

What a weasel word 'misspoke' is.

Well, a Cross-Country train came through fine yesterday just before 11. And the sea didn't look particularly rough.

Dear oh dear oh dear.  Couldn't happen to a nicer chap.  (He went to my old school so I can say things like that.)

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