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Dawlish News

@majorp The problem here, if you had not already realised, is that the council stuck the notice on her windscreen with water soluble glue.  The owner could not have driven the car away without first returning with a bucket of hot water to remove it, and that is totally irresponsible behaviour on the part of the council.

Are councillors' expense claims made public?  I bloody well hope so.  Let's see if they paid for this jolly out of their own pocket.

I think you are the one with the negative attitude, by wanting to ban anything that you personally disagree with.  I'm quite happy for plastic to be used appropriately.

19 Apr 2019

Take a good look around your home, you'll find most things have plastic in them somewhere.  Feel free to live a 19th century lifestyle if you wish, just don't expect the rest of us to do so too.

19 Apr 2019

Buckets are very useful things, should we ban them?

19 Apr 2019

St. David of Attenborough has lead a very cushy life courtesy of the taxpayer funded BBC indulging in his hobby, he was in fact a member of the BBC hierachy for a number of years.  They do like to look after their own at the BBC By the way, over 90% over the plastic in the world's oceans originates from just 10 rivers, all of which are in Africa and Asia.  It isn't Europe that needs to put its ...

18 Apr 2019

I thought the whole point of building that car park with a field attached was to draw people away from the Warren, but now the council wants to attract even more people to visit.  Does the left hand know what the right hand is doing?

The Lords sitting on this committee must have had a fair few jolly visits to the seaside at our expense. I suppose we have to keep the superannuated old duffers occupied in some way, given how much they cost us.

His visit was just a load of PR nonsense, we knew about these proposals a week ago.  Failing Grayling thinks that raising the sea wall a little along Marine Parade will make the Voyager trains immune from stalling, that won't work at all.  The obvious solution is to transfer the retired GWR HSTs to Crosscountry, they are 100% relaible in stormy weather, it's not bloody rocket science.  And did ...

GWR trains run fine during stormy weather, it's just the useless Cross Country rolling stock that can't cope with the waves.  Whoever made the decision to commission trains that aren't fit for purpose is to blame.

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