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@carer The plain stupid are the people who wear masks and believe that they actually make a difference.

25 Mar 2022

@carer I haven't worn a mask since July, and not even had a hint of a sniffle since then.  I will never wear a mask again, no matter what the government mandates.

25 Mar 2022

Surgeons and theatre staff wear masks to prevent respiratory droplets contaminating the surgical area, nothing at all to do with preventing viral transmission.  By the way, the eyes are also an entry point for viruses to enter the body, perhaps the neurotic mask wearers should wear goggles when they go shopping?

24 Mar 2022

Masks are theatre to make people feel good, that's why most people are longer wearing one.

19 Mar 2022

You can't keep the country locked up for something which is now a mild illness, and always was for most people  The economy was trashed because of the endless lockdowns and restrictions, we should have moved on a long time ago.

@Teignpot - reported, for the obvious reasons.

Europeans, many from the south west, were captured by the Barbary pirates and sold into slavery in North Africa.  You don't hear much about that these days.

Carrie Antoinette is the real power in Downing Street, that's why we're getting all these loony green diktats every other day.

14 Sep 2021

Will they work in the winter when there's not much sunlight to recharge the chargers?

Network Rail is not a commercial business, it has no shareholders and does not pay dividends, it is a state-run organisation, hence the shambles of the sea wall.

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