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Dawlish News

What has it got to do with Teignbridge council. When we questioned planning at one of the consultation meetings we were told that Network Rail dont have to get local planning consent as they have blanket coverage from central government to pretty much do what they like on their own property. What you mean is TDC decided to stick their hooter in, waste more council taxpayers money and no doubt had ...

They should have bought the land by Langdon if they were serious. Would have been better than a load more poor quality wood huts with prices our local youngsters will never be able to afford

Just read an interesting scientific report regarding the American vaccine that requires two injections. If having the first jab you MUST have the second within 21 days. So the government are saying that due to demand the second jab may take upto 12 weeks before being called up. This makes the whole process a complete waste of time and money as the time delay exceeding the 21days means the first ...

The Dawlish Warren event wasent illegal so people need to get their facts right. It was held on private not public land and was attended by invitation only. Its an annual event that locals are well aware of. Those holiday makers who complain about it know where the M5 is so use it and go home

Network Rail are only trying to pull the wool over the publics eyes by asking local and district councils for planning consent. They dont need it, its just a publicity exercise. They are financed and planning approved by national government they can basically do what they want with Dawlish station and the sea wall and this right dosent just apply to Dawlish. We have a traditional old and lovely ...

On private land so not illegal as for holiday makers complaining, you come down here increasing the risk of spreading covid19 to an area that has so far had one of the lowest number of outbreaks and now you complain about locals having a one off party. How about you just go home you misserable bunch.

The photos posted on facebook clearly showing the difference if any between the new and old wall against a medium high tide driven by an easterly wind certainly are not indicating £30 million pounds of improvement. The water is still topping the new wall onto the railway line and Marine parade.

and the tax payer will bear the extra costs whille the incompetents at Network rail and Teignbridge council carry on regardless. Time for heads to roll contracts removed and the whole job researched, re-planned and re-budgeted by civil engineering construction experts not cowboy companies, and pen pushers.

How many new build affordable houses can you build on a bowling green ?

@Carer Have a guess where the scum you mention come from

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