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Dawlish News

@Lynne Lynne give it a rest will you. You know dam well what goes on yet every time somebody posts something your response is always the same and unfortunatly its becoming boring to read. Unlike yourself we dont all have time to scrutinise every bit of news, council minutes, public web pages, etc

7 Jul 2018

@DEEDOODLE . Well said and abosolutly spot on. These housing developers just use their massisve profits made by selling their poor quality wooden huts to offer back handers to councils in order to buy out of their requirement to provide a percentge of affordable housing and or infastructure facilities. What the buyers of these new type properties seem to fail to understand is that unless they ...

15 Mar 2018

@Diana Mond - shame you dont go and join them then if crimebrook is so good, perhaps then you could spout your nonesense on their local  web pages instead of ours. i might not be such a nice person but i dont change my posting name every three months due to repeatedly being blocked

15 Mar 2018

All this house building nonesense is just a scam. Nobody actually wants or can afford them. They end up on these joint ownership schemes or sold at cost to housing associations like Teign hosing or Cornerstone. The councils get massive back handers from the developers to get out of providing extra infrastructure, and the developers throw up crappy wood huts that you cant even get a 10 year ...

Remember why the independant voices for Dawlish ousted the last lot of snowflakes we had on DTC and TDC next thing will be Younger-Ross back on his soap box. Not saying the Con-servatives are any better, just supose we have to be gratefull we dont have any of Corbyns clowns around here

What peope do with their own property and that includes houses is their own business, and fake news DevonLive and local councillors need to keep their noses out. On the other hand what local authorities do with their properties is of public interest so this story needs re-targeting.

@Lynne - short memory there as you where the one that brought the illegal occupancy of the said properties to light. as for proving it, as it was done behind closed doors you would have to get hold of tdcs accounts and i doubt even the inland revenue would be able to make sense of them

7 Jan 2018

Paid for with dirty money recieved from a major housing developer in exchange for a get out clause to avoid building affordable houses and provide additional infrastructure, and to avoid the original planing clause restricting occupancy of the new propertes until stuitable SANGS was in place. Wasnt the figure about £4,000 per house paid directly to the corrupt district council.

Seems there could be more to this with regard to Sunday parking charges. It has now become clear that TDC have decided to call a halt to the Sunday car boot sales at the cattle market car park in Newton Abbot. This would imply that a full return to Sunday parking charges on all TDCs car parks is on the cards via the back door. As said before Teignbridge councillors cannot be trusted, and the ...

Next we will be hearing how Teignbridge cannot afford to maintain it. That will be on top of posibly charging for parking. Will they be building a bicycle hire shop, sorry I meant toilets. Just have to hope they dont find a Cirl bunting or a newt or that will be the end of that.

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