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Dawlish News

On private land so not illegal as for holiday makers complaining, you come down here increasing the risk of spreading covid19 to an area that has so far had one of the lowest number of outbreaks and now you complain about locals having a one off party. How about you just go home you misserable bunch.

The photos posted on facebook clearly showing the difference if any between the new and old wall against a medium high tide driven by an easterly wind certainly are not indicating £30 million pounds of improvement. The water is still topping the new wall onto the railway line and Marine parade.

and the tax payer will bear the extra costs whille the incompetents at Network rail and Teignbridge council carry on regardless. Time for heads to roll contracts removed and the whole job researched, re-planned and re-budgeted by civil engineering construction experts not cowboy companies, and pen pushers.

How many new build affordable houses can you build on a bowling green ?

@Carer Have a guess where the scum you mention come from

23 Oct 2019

Be surprised if Sainsbury's dont sell their Dawlish store to Lidl lowering the towns image even further than the new housing developments have.

Here's how to prevent cyclists getting injured on the roads and its very simple - Stay off them they are not a safe place for you. If not then follow the rules the rest of the road users have to abide by, carry a visible form of identification like our No plates and in case of an accident have insurance. Then if you wobble over and damage our cars we can claim off you, this is how equal rights to ...

29 Sep 2019

Having read the DevonLive story it seems she maybe a bit accident prone despite being a team GB rider. Perhaps she should stick to the cycle paths in future and use her talent and missfortunes to encourage more use of the paths provided and less use of the roads. Lets face it if the roads were subjected to a health and safety review like most industries cycling on them would be banned

@Lynne Lynne give it a rest will you. You know dam well what goes on yet every time somebody posts something your response is always the same and unfortunatly its becoming boring to read. Unlike yourself we dont all have time to scrutinise every bit of news, council minutes, public web pages, etc

7 Jul 2018

@DEEDOODLE . Well said and abosolutly spot on. These housing developers just use their massisve profits made by selling their poor quality wooden huts to offer back handers to councils in order to buy out of their requirement to provide a percentge of affordable housing and or infastructure facilities. What the buyers of these new type properties seem to fail to understand is that unless they ...

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