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Dawlish News

Rooney's sentance is a joke.

Nothing new with the lift out of order. It stopped working a few days after it was opened. So much for great British engineering and workmanship!!

Let's hope the idiot dog owners don't let their animals off the leash and run amok around them.

All very well, but according to Spotlight last night (Monday) when it was announced, we will be losing the x-ray department. Oh well.

Whatever has happened to people using common sense?

Well done to them.

Pulpit Rock Norway. No fences as people have the sense to stay away from the edge. Yes, it sounds harsh but common sense prevails.

31 Jan 2024

As I have said before, yes, it is a tragedy but doesn't common sense tell you NOT to go to close to the edge as there is no handrail.

Ummm. Looking at the map, it could be anywhere on this planet. It would be nice to know exactly where it is.

I'm sure that a British based charity would have appreciated the money.

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