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Dawlish News

Can’t get on to ‘Devon Live’ website since yesterday for any further information.

All these tall, narrow houses with lots of stairs - a good bet might be to get shares in stairlifts for people in about 20 years' time.

Is it not possible to reinstate the gabions? Why were they legally required to remove them when they had worked in the past? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

They should have been banned for life from keeping any pets as they are clearly not capable of looking after them properly.

Power Outage
27 Jan 2019

@Epicurus I’m in the same area & our electricity used to come via overhead cables & was fairly reliable but about 5 years ago we were transferred on the grounds of “safety” to an underground cable which was fed by the sub-station located on the new-ish estate of houses at Upper Longlands. Since then, we seem to have had power cut after power cut & have often suffered the annoyance of our ...

How do you cross the railway line to get to the beach? I understood that all that land belonged to Network Rail and they have strict regulations about building work, access, etc.

A lot of the older people who live in Dawlish will soon be marooned in their homes if all the shops disappear. For a great many of them, the only face to face interaction with other people is when they go shopping, to the post office, bank, etc. It can't be any good for their mental and physical health to be stuck indoors without any reason to go out or place to go to. @leatash we may be ...

17 Apr 2018

So much for the pledge never to close the last bank in town. The concept of service to the public is totally alien to banks now. Even service to other businesses has gone down the toilet. All they think about is ways to save money and pay vast bonuses to themselves.

Well, I saw a man who let his dog poo by the side of the path in the Manor and it was a big one (both poo and dog). I remonstrated with him and told him he could face a fine but he just looked blank and I don't think he really thought there was any problem. A child running along by the side of that footpath could easily step in it, plus anyone else. When you can't get through to people, what do ...

Thank goodness for that. Somebody must have got them mixed up with Homebase who are closing about 40 stores around the country.

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