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@Lynne : Bungalows not a priority for builders as they don't make enough money for them

Disgusting person. Should have got a longer sentence.

This echoes the complaints on Facebook over the past week from local people about mask-less shoppers being let into Sainsbury's in groups and not being challenged about their behaviour by staff or security. I stopped going to Sainsbury's earlier in the year because of concerns like this.

At least we're more polite than the Cornish!

What we need is for people to behave in a responsible manner and not act in a way that defies all the rules of civilised behaviour. I won't say they're like pigs because even those animals would not wallow in their own filth like this lot do. Are these the same people, I wonder, who are berating the older generation for ruining the environment?

Can’t get on to ‘Devon Live’ website since yesterday for any further information.

All these tall, narrow houses with lots of stairs - a good bet might be to get shares in stairlifts for people in about 20 years' time.

Is it not possible to reinstate the gabions? Why were they legally required to remove them when they had worked in the past? It doesn’t seem to make sense.

They should have been banned for life from keeping any pets as they are clearly not capable of looking after them properly.

Power Outage
27 Jan 2019

@Epicurus I’m in the same area & our electricity used to come via overhead cables & was fairly reliable but about 5 years ago we were transferred on the grounds of “safety” to an underground cable which was fed by the sub-station located on the new-ish estate of houses at Upper Longlands. Since then, we seem to have had power cut after power cut & have often suffered the annoyance of our ...

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