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Dawlish News

Does the (former?) Monopolies Commision look at local issues?

In the event of joining a shortish queue, leaving an appreciable gap might indeed make sense.  In a long queue, it would surely double or treble (maybe more?) the LENGTH of the tailback - perhaps through the town, or in the 'Morrison's' location, back to Newton Abbot?  OK, I've exagerated!

As so often, it appears the journalist misunderstood the expert's statement.  The last line of that tells us the erosion will continue and reach PRE SCHEME levels by 2030, not REPLENISH by then.

Seem to be a lot of devices (air con maybe) on the roof.  Will they test it in high sea conditions?

'Borders' is telling us there are a further two eggs!  What realistic chance is there that they can survive an autumn upbringing? - I hope they can, but it will be a shame if all their efforts end up in tragedy.

Simplify please, for my aged brain!  Do you think that means the Link Road will come into being early? Or just that the right-turn road change into Sandy Lane has been passed?  Maybe the developers will just do their own thing again without interrupion.

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