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Dawlish News

Well my neighbour doesnt seem fussed. His over 70 and gets up to 2 deliveries of shopping a week, goes for walks into Dawlish, pops off to the graden centre for bags of compost. Has people around to cut his hedges. Had his son come around for nearly a week to put a fence up in his back garden. Both his sons and daughter have brought their young children around who he has touched and breathed ...

1½ weeks ago

how accurate are the tests? you coukd be tested and be clear and the next day on your way to work, shops or walk be infected. having such a small proportion of the population tested at any one moment in time is like a dog trying to catch its tail. also to allow thousands of people to fly into our country, an island, and expect them to self isolate for 14 days! smell the ...

They should not have spent nearly £20 million on that knackered out of date newton abbot shopping centre. seems par for the course with local councils down here wasting money on fruitless projects.

i wonder what safety features are in place if the_ winch fails?

All they seem interested in is building them as quick as possible and selling them. Chances of anything being completed is slim to none as time goes on, in my opinion.  Poor quality and finish....turds with gold plating is my impression of some of these new housing estates. You only have to watch as the houses go up before all the shoddy work is covered in render, from what I have seen on ...

Nice gesture, but to be stuck in a crowd of people shouting and cheering at this moment in time doesn't seem the best option for your health. Not to mention traveling to and from and using public toilets and food outlets, in my opinion.

Abh = 120 hrs community service, really!   Its no wonder this country is going down the pan.

Am I on an alternate Earth where the reverse on logic and common sense prevails and only evil and greed are rewarded? The NHS has been eroded for decades whilst the management continues to grow like the fungus on moldy meat. Its about time this countries numerous festering swamps were drained and the country was run for the people not the establishment.

And we all know which people get the most out of these positions of power, DONT WE?


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