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Dawlish News

No, I can't hear a thing either, don't know what all the fuss is about!!

27 Nov 2020

Yawn yawn!

25 Nov 2020

I've noticed that most of the flats in the block opposite to the railway station look empty, have people been relocated?  I wouldn't be surprised as the noise when they are drilling is horrendous and anyone living there would not get any sleep or any respite during the day.

23 Nov 2020

The sentiment remains the same, I'm alright Jack!

20 Nov 2020

Oh aren't you the lucky rich person being able to afford triple glazing! Sod the rest of us!! You're all heart!!

18 Nov 2020

Welcome to our world on Marine Parade, we've had 17 months of it and they're still not finished! Your turn now, best of luck! You'll need it!

The project for that end of the sea wall is completely over the top! They are creating a concrete jungle which will destroy the look and ambience of the whole area. The stretch of sea wall that went down in 2014 has been rebuilt and is resiliant and they don't really need to do much more. But, having been given a zillion pound budget from Goverment, of course they will spend it on needless ...

@Leatash, got my keyboard back so can do a full reply! I pointed out to NR in the first consultation  that in 2014 the line was breached and they needed to work 24/7 to get it up and  running, which we all understood. But, that is not the case in building the Dawlish Berlin Wall! The line is open and so there is no need for night working. I asked why they needed to work through the night and ...

25 Jul 2020

So why have we have we had to put up with 24 hour working? My point is if the line could be reinstated in only two months why has it taken over a year to do this work? The answer, too many workers spend too much time on their phone! anyone else Got problems with their keyboard on this site? mamu workers spwms

25 Jul 2020

Thanks Lynne, your post sums it up perfectly! They got the line up and running in two months in 2014 but have taken 12 months to date and have not finished! For months I have witnessed day after day the inactivity of large numbers of workers who are being paid to work!! I have told Network Rail that I am going to formally request, through our useless MP, a Parliamentary inquiry into the costs of ...

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