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Dawlish News

What's all this to do with the thread?

Sorry flo , this is The Hotel California

Freemasons in Dawlish
11 Jun 2018

I never said I did or didn't attend, but generally, dead rock and roll stars have mobility problems.

11 Jun 2018

Well I'm not the one that feels the need to question an honorable organisation's motives

11 Jun 2018

@flo . the question was directed at majorp. however,could you infiltrate the WI? discover the secrets of their delicious home made jams and preservatives.

11 Jun 2018

@majorp . did you?

Dawlish crew didn't attend as it was two minutes before the end of siesta.

Yes not bad considering I  died in 1977. Is there a prize? Update for you all. I attempted to enquire at the police shop, but it was closed , but the word in the local hostelries  is that , the member is in London for an interview , with a view to join The Diplomatic Corps or in Bradford training as a suicide bomber for IS.

27 Sep 2015

I am sure you share my concerns that a major contributor to this forum has gone walkabout. I have checked  The Samaritans,  Citizens  Advice,  Job Centre ,   Lloyds Pharmacy, The Smuggers, Langdon and the  Labour Club, but to no avail. It is imperative that the member must be found, as without the current medication of 6 nasty  pills a day, this forum could become civilised and tranquil. ...

Quite correct Duckileaks you did, but I  never let on I  was an alchoholic , unless is was the slurred typing.

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