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Well, if someone has stuck it in your gut it's not a pleasant knife is it!

A judge has issued a warrant for the arrest of a mental health patient who assaulted two police officers who tried to help him as he was being ejected from a pub in Totnes. The 45-year-old is is already subject of an eight-month suspended sentence for setting light to a litter bin. He breached the order once by being drunk and disorderly at Dawlish station, where two off duty mental nurses had ...

Who writes these headlines? How can a knife be nasty, is this what passes as journalism these days?

The sand was pumped on to the beach two years ago as part of a £14 million flood defence scheme, which raised parts of the beach by up to three metres. Enough sand to fill 100 Olympic swimming pools was pumped on to the beach in what Defra, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, yesterday insisted was purely a cosmetic exercise. Read more... ...

The find was made by the South Devon crime and proactive policing team in Dawlish on Thursday. Read more...

They will say anything to get into power for the next 5 years. The only thing that you can bank on is their pay will go UP every year and taxes will continue to increase. Other than that same old, same old. Call me cynical, but I have witnessed this many times in my 60 years of living in this beggars paradise we call the UK.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
29 Nov 2019

The Conservative Prime Minister was in the county on Thursday on the election campaign trail and took part in a whistle-stop tour of Devon. He then travelled down to Plymouth for the unveiling of the Nancy Astor statue, before Mr Johnson visited Darts Farm in Clyst St George where he met staff and threw his support behind Simon Jupp, the Conservative candidate for East Devon. Roads can be ...

A pensioner has been sent to a secure ward after he attacked a terrified carer with an axe as she was visiting his home in Tiverton. She only escaped after taking the axe off him, getting away from the house and calling the police and her bosses for help. He will now be treated at a secure ward at Langdon Hospital in Dawlish, after a judge at Exeter Crown Court made a hospital order. Read ...

Is this not old news i remember this article over a year ago.

24 Nov 2019

I cannot understand how they are allowed to call/market/sell them as "Hover" boards as they don't  hover.

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