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Good to hear but how long will it last? I mean, when was the last time you saw a policeman on the beat in Dawlish? All propaganda for 'our Alison' as there is an election coming up.

Dawlish News
Dawlish News
25 Apr 2021

PCSO Adrian Ovreiu. joining the team in the resort after several years working from Teignmouth Police Station. Read more...

Unfortunately there has been a fire at Coryton Cove destroying the bins, flagpole and damaging the floor, public rescue equipment and signs. We don't know if it is arson but it is a good reminder not to put hot ashes in a plastic bin

We are pleased to announce that our community information hub will be returning to Dawlish from Wednesday 28 April. The hub will now be located on Station Road, near the junction of Marine Parade next to the resort office. The new hub will be COVID controlled to ensure we keep you safe when you visit. Join us between 10am and 2pm to find out more about our work on the sea wall.

‘We will hit the wall of collapse of society by 2074...’ – is the stark warning a Dawlish climate researcher and author has sent this week to the Prime Minister and the Government’s Chief Scientist Read more...,%20warns%20Dawlish%20climate%20researcher&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2021

A proposed new campsite in Dawlish Warren will be discussed by town councillors this Friday. The application, which will be determined by Teignbridge District Council, has attracted three objections from local residents – two of whom say work has already started on the site. Read more... ...

Important Announcement (April 2021): To all Friends, Users and Supporters of Open Daw It is with great sadness and regret that we have to announce the winding up/closure of Open Daw. Read more,,,

Two black swans have been released in Dawlish to swell numbers after the famous herd was hit by bird flu The breeding pair has been brought in from Hull, which will widen the group's gene pool. The pen and cob spent a week in the town's aviary before being allowed out onto the brook. Read more... ...

And oh wouldn't it be such a delicious irony if the value (quite literally) of the ransom strip was effectively wiped out by this recently approved housing scheme going ahead (being built by Templar Homebuild Ltd I believe) and achieving access from a different aspect (albeit at the cost of a 300 year old oak tree.)

16 Apr 2021

What has happened to the proposals to convert the old job centre in newton abbot into accomidation? Perhaps the council should  get the finger out on this issue rather than whinging about  access to land to build flats.?

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