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Dawlish Notices

It is unbelieveable that something like this is happening in the 21st century.

Quiz Night
22 Feb 2024

Obviously not many questions as it starts and finishes at 19:15!

@J.Warrener Does that mean that we are all supposed to listen to the same thing over and over again, and NOT allowed to complain? It certainly seems like it. Wake up ffs, we are in the 21st centuary where people ARE ALLOWED to think for themselves, have their own opinion, and dont want to put up with the same thing all the time. I dont have a problem with the pub being packed. I was just ...

21 Jul 2011

@wondering . May I suggest that next time you are listening to him, make a request and then see what the answer is!!!! @karateka . My point exactly, but you are now labeled as being 'Negative' by saying such a thing. We are supposed to put up with it and not allowed to say anything different, according to some of the BOF's on here.

9 Jul 2011

@wondering Maybe you should read my comment again, instead of jumping in feet first with you usual negative comment because someone doesnt agree with what you say. When you go to see some entertainment, no matter what it is, if it is the same thing everytime, do you, or do you not get tired of it? Well, after hearing it so many times, I am giving it a break as I would like to hear something new ...

6 Jul 2011

Thanks for the heads up Goldenlad. A good excuse NOT to go on a Sunday night. Ok, Mr Steffens is a talented chap, but once you have heard his set, thats it. Same old tired songs. He plays for himself and not the audience. Sorry, but I have been avoiding such establishments when he has been playing.

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