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the snooky fest
14 Sep 2018

I've never run a charity or had to produce accounts for one (and I have no connection whatsoever with Snooky Trust) - but a quick look at the Charity Commission website seems to indicate that the Snooky Trust have to produce fairly simple/basic accounts because their income is below £25,000 pa at the moment.  On that basis, surely the Income vs Spending is not Income vs just cost of fundraising, ...

13 Sep 2018

Thank you Huw for a very calm, level-headed and clear explanation and for all you, and the many other charity volunteers (for whatever charity they volunteer) do for the people of this town.  And although I've never been to Snooky Fest, congratulations on another successful event which clearly brought pleasure to so many and also helped raise money for the charity and its profile all at the same ...

31 Jan 2018

“We never had bombings ....” quote from majorp. Are you serious??  You need to go back over some history books or even just a quick google search to see how nonsensical that comment is.

Rail Fares
5 Jan 2018

Flo I’ve done the fly up and train back option quite a few times since they changed the return flight time and made it earlier.  Works very well but they will charge you more than if you were buying it with a return ticket. Don’t forget the Exeter to Waterloo route is usually cheaper than the Paddington route if using the train. UK rail fares now are ridiculously expensive unless you can book ...

Tit bits
1 Jan 2018

I’ve had cause to visit relatives in hospital and also attend appointments myself this year. For the service and care provided, for 2 of those instances it was quite literally life saving care that was provided, the amount I paid in parking that ultimately goes to the hospital to give them more money is - I feel - a tiny thankyou for what they did for my family this year. If paying for parking ...

It is extremely frustrating to see an empty cycle path and then be held up on the road by cyclists. But it isn’t actually compulsory for them to use it, it is just advisory. Also, riding 2 abreast is perfectly legal and also recommended by some as a safer way to ride. Having said that, on busy roads or on ...

Apart from the fact that this is now descending into another political game of tennis - it is a shame that yet again the focus seems to be on only providing facilities aimed at holidaymakers or day trippers.  Sure, they bring money in - but we have thousands of residents who live here all year round.  They live and work in and around Dawlish and they have money in their pockets too.  The ...

Just as well they are looking to reduce their numbers by 50 then.

They are lovely. Thanks for posting them.  It doesn't hurt to be reminded of what a lovely part of the world we live in and how lucky we all are to live somewhere so beautiful.

Christmas Swans
11 Dec 2016

They do look lovely when it's dark.

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