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General Discussion

Money well spent. Excellent service and cheap I don't get it this. Won't they bring germs? Couldn't some the furlough people help?

Complete Idiots
12 Apr 2020

Hard to understand how they could be so stupid.

Happy Easter 2020
12 Apr 2020

Easter bluebells I hope you got Easter eggs. Happy Easter to you all! Oh dear. Seems I spoke too soon.

7 Apr 2020

Looking at the coronavirus data - And in particular the UK deaths graph - It seems to be dropping. Maybe too early to tell for certain but possibly some light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't know the source of this, it was texted to me. I guess it is from social media. None the less, whatever the origins of this text, it certainly puts 'having to stay in' into perspective. Me and the lads out in Afghan in 2007. There was about 60 of us surrounded by hundreds of Taliban. The temp. was pushing 50 when we got there. We went out on patrol ... Check this graph out. Really shows what's coming for us in the very near future. As you can see the UK line is following the lines of Spain and Italy. Very worrying.

21 Mar 2020

Thanks for posting this, very interesting. I hope the graph doesn't rise any more.

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