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General Discussion

Lovely, thank you Ziggy.

Thanks Lynne, knew I could count on you !

21 Oct 2023

I keep seeing references to this, but is there really such a thing ?  If so, where can it be found ?

Peter Shenstone
13 Aug 2023

It's now OK, thanks, please ignore this thread.

13 Aug 2023

I'm concerned about Peter: he was due to come to my house on Monday 7th, but never showed. He does house and window cleaning plus various odd jobs for people.  He lives near Amity Farm. Anyone who knows what's happened to him, please let me know. Thanks, Dave

20 mph zones
17 May 2023

To be introduced in Dawlish and Cockwood, apparently.  Details to come.

Thanks Huw, interesting.

13 Mar 2023

Well, 1263, I don't agree, but, even if I did, then it would be (1) illegal; (2) impossible or ineffective.

11 Mar 2023

Sorry carer, must have missed it somehow.

9 Mar 2023

BBC Spotlight says this year's early brood had seven cygnets, now reduced to five by gulls.

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