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General Discussion

19 Feb 2021

I see from their latest newsletter the "Wavewalker's work is finished".  They don't actually say it will be walking away, or when, but it should be quite a sight when it does.

Clap For Heroes
8 Jan 2021

Well, I went out to do my bit last night, but none of my neighbours appeared. Was it just that people didn't know it was happening again, are people 'clapped out', or do people feel that there are better ways of supporting the NHS etc ?

New Year
1 Jan 2021

Here's wishing a better year in 2021, to everyone on this site. Nice to hear fireworks last night - some people not discouraged by all the recent bad news, plus Tier 3 !

27 Dec 2020

Thank you Margaret.

16 Dec 2020

I haven't seen any mention of how much it's costing Network Fail to hire this thing.  Anyone any idea ? (I know Cameron said money was no object but ...)

"More on..." Guides
5 Dec 2020

Epicurus, you are wasted on this forum.

Black day for Swans
15 Nov 2020

And the total now ten, apparently.

12 Nov 2020

According to Spotllight , seven have died recently with 'Bird flu'. Is this right ?  Does anyone know if we can expect more ?

Thank you Lynne.

3 Sep 2020

I don't get this.  Network Fail's latest newsletter says the seawall path will be closed from 7 Sept for five days.  What am I missing ?

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