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Barton Surgery
13 Oct 2022

Bad luck Carer.  I get prescriptions regularly from Barton and never have to wait more than two days.

Thank you Lynne, what would this forum be without you ?

I'm sure everyone is fed up with this, so I'll say one thing more and then shut up.  Promise. Note the 'not causing obstructions' phrase in Lynne's post. Cassandra's original post seemed to imply that householders must be able to park outside their property even if by doing so they cause an obstruction. If that was not what you meant then I apologise.

9 Mar 2022

@Cassandra : the last sentence.  AFAIK, householders have no rights to any part of the Queen's Highway (whether it is outside their property or not) except the common right of free passage.  I remember Cllr John Clatworthy saying 'parking on the highway is a privilege not a right'.

8 Mar 2022

Can't agree Cassandra.  What you say sounds like common sense but I believe it isn't so.  Happy to be corrected if anyone knows better.

Network's latest newsletter says : We are currently reconstructing the seaward platform at Dawlish station, as well as building a new sea wall at Dawlish and preparing to install a rockfall shelter north of Parson's Tunnel, near Holcombe. We will be working around the clock on the following dates and times when the railway line is temporarily closed from 3am on Sat 5 Feb till 3am on ...

Anne-Marie Morris
13 Jan 2022

I see she has had the Tory whip withdrawn because she voted against the govt re VAT on fuel bills. Tut-tut, naughty girl.

Good news, Ziggy, thank you.

Gardener Wanted!
10 Sep 2021

You could try Adrienne on 638628.  She does mine very well.

19 Feb 2021

I see from their latest newsletter the "Wavewalker's work is finished".  They don't actually say it will be walking away, or when, but it should be quite a sight when it does.

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