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General Discussion

Yes, lovely DEEDOODLE, thanks for posting.

Have to say, normally on a sunny morning (like today's) the sky is pretty full of con trails.  Today, not a one.

Dawlish MIU
4 days ago

I guess I'm late catching up with this, but for anyone who hasn't heard - Dawlish Minor Injuries Unit is closed while this is going on: they advise using N Abbot MIU instead.

Sea Wall Network Rail
3 weeks ago

They do that in the summer holidays, not sure about Easter.

Anybody know?
6 Jan 2020

Yes, it's certainly to do with the works on the seawall but I don't know exactly what.

Bad Luck, DEEDOODLE, it looks as though you won't be able to.  Nigel has announced 'his' party won't stand in any constituency where the Tory got in last time.

Smugglers' Field
19 Sep 2019

Thanks DEEDOODLE, seems quite likely.

17 Sep 2019

Well, that isn't its name but I mean the field just this side (north) of the Smugglers Inn.  Big earthworks going on, and there have been for 2-3 weeks.  No signs up.  Anyoone know what's going on ?

7 Sep 2019

Didn't hear anything this morning.

6 Sep 2019

The 9 o'clock bell rang this morning, first time for months I believe.  Anyone know what's going on ?

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