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Rumbling noise
2 days ago

Yes, I heard it (I live on the West Cliff side).  Assumed it was thunder.

True, but we don't have to wear proper masks from 24th, just some kind of face covering.

14 Jul 2020

Please don't forget folks that wearing a facemask isn't for your protection, it's to stop you passing on the virus to others (if you have it, of course).

3 Jul 2020

The only thing I know is that the Smugglers isn't opening till Wednesday.

24 Jun 2020

Thanks leatash

23 Jun 2020

Heard a rumour yesterday that the Boathouse wasa raided recently, being open and serving drinks. Any truth in it ?

Sefton Hall
28 May 2020

Nice to see them on the TV news yesterday, with their 'drivethru visiting' scene. Just another part of the 'new normal' ?

I've been pleased up till now to see that the SW has consistently had the lowest rate of hospital cases etc. in the UK.  I was less pleased yesterday to see that the R0 rate in the SW is among reckoned to be the highest, at 0.76.  All the more reason to keep on following the guidance (if we can understand it, as Lynne says). Mind you, I've no idea how they work that out so maybe I'd best just ...

14 May 2020

For once I have to agree with leatash - NZ is over 1000 miles from Oz so it was easy to shut the border. We have a land border with another country.

Tonights sunset
13 May 2020

The red/pink at dawn yesterday was lovely as well.  Thanks DEEDOODLE.

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