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Corbyn wins
12 Sep 2015

Hope at last for fighting back against the decimation of this country's caring society by the uncaring Tory party

30 Aug 2015

Spotted a seal off Holcombe beach last Wednesday - same one?

At last, hooray!!!!!!!

Anti-Austerity March
23 Jun 2015

More plausible than what?  No one has ever siad there were 250,000 people in Westminster Square (it only holds about 20-25,000) but the last people were arriving at the square as the speeches were finishing and most who had just come to show support on the march itself dispersed after reaching the square.  As for plausibility, over time there was a column of people about 4 miles long (that's about ...

Keep at it Sarah.  I believe I saw a few days ago that there is an interesting trial starting in Finland of the idea of a civil wage.  I think the idea is that everyone has a role to play in society and that role should be recognised by everyone receiving a minumum salary which also replaces the whole benefits system so you start to combat socila injustice at a stroke by just removing it. The ...

Anti-Austerity March
23 Jun 2015

This was real democracy in action in protest at the injustice of an inhuman austerity programme (pogrom on the poor) being imposed on the majority of the country by a minority government (only one third of the votes).  If we are to survive as a country there has to be a real change in both our electoral and political systems which bring about a fairer more equitable society.

23 Jun 2015

So Tim Walker were you there?  There was a solid wall of people marching for 3 hours from Bank to Westminster (2 and a half miles).  That wsa at least a quarter of a million

20 Jun 2015

If you missed today's amazing anti-austerity march in London where 250,000 people gathered to protest about the injustice of the government's austerity measures you can take part in a more local event in Torquay on 18th July (see: ) Here's just one shot from London today

I suspect the comment on "OurSoul" may be a reference to what the baby says in the film Meet the Fokkers.

Will this happen?
15 May 2015

And here's the latest attempt at banning Freedom of Expression:

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