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Good resource of the actual numbers UK: World: The UK death rate at the moment is 167 per million of the population. You can look at the figures of the other countries who handled this better and tested aggressively.

A lot of the language is "died with Covid-19" not of. It is really difficult to get an accurate figure so they are using all cases where the patient had Covid-19 present. It is always difficult to work out who would have have died with or without Covid-19 present in their body. Better analysis will come but we are still gathering the data. We are only 6 months in of world wide cases and ...

Hopefully Network Rail and the council can sort something out and allow the events to continue and the cafe. It seems whenever something good happens in Dawlish someone finds a way to kill it!

@Lindaanne56 have you had a look at the BBC site people's war? It has stories people submitted about the War a while ago. The site is archived now but you can still look through the stories and evacuation stories here . There are stories from others who were evacuated to ...

Trump is not a scientist. We believe and trust science all the time until it is something that goes against our biases. Pulling out of Paris was about apeasing US businesses that didn't want to adhere to the rules as it may affect profits. Anyone who thinks climate change isn't happening or is natural and humans aren't the cause haven't been listening to the scientists. Good source of ...

There plenty of other people there who didn't think to stand up and grab this women but he did. There were other options but he thought that was ok.

27 Jun 2019

A man thought it was ok to do that to a women. Not ok.

27 Jun 2019

It doesn't matter why she was there

27 Jun 2019

No one here not concerned that rather than report on the incident the press went after the reporters? Yet when there are articles about Brexit being dumpster fire it is called fake news. This is called confirmation bias, where you believe only the things that fit your beliefs or seek out things that confirmed them.

27 Jun 2019

What a surprise people here thinking it's ok to grab a woman like that. I guess you think Trump's defence of an alleged rape by saying  "she is not my type" is approproiate and valid.

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