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I have had older children go through Gatehouse school, the first starting with Mr Znideric and at that time the school was great, the children were taught well and the teachers were consistent. My younger child has not had the same experience and education at the school and it didn’t surprise me at all when I received the Ofsted report. The SATS results for the year 6 won’t actually be a ...

I am saying that as the old pitch had received extensive use in the last 20 years it has obviously been well looked after by the majority of the people.  There will always be a minority who have no respect for things but the majority who are just trying to keep fit and healthy with their friends or family in a respectful manor should not be penalized for it.

15 Mar 2013

I can’t imagine that many families will be able to afford £21 for the hour and as I said before it will be the select few who are lucky enough to be able to afford to use it. I have grown up in Dawlish and my children and their friends have been using the facility for years, they are now really disappointed that they are not going to be able to use it anymore. Considering the pitch was one ...

14 Mar 2013

It may be the top facility of its type in the area but if it is only going to be used by the clubs then it will only be the select few who get the use of it.  Previously if the club wasn’t using the astro or the tennis courts then it was open for use by anyone at no cost so how can it be justified to charge such a fee now? There are constant complaints that children don’t get enough exercise ...

14 Mar 2013

The new Astroturf at Sandy lane is now finished but what a shame that the local kids are not going to be able to use this on a casual basis unless they can fund £21 per hour to use the facility! Although this is great for local sports clubs, it had previously been an extremely well-used facility for everyone, especially in the summer evenings when it was buzzing with local children and ...

First Great Western
25 Apr 2012

Has anyone else had problems with First Great Western? In the school holiday I tried to renew 2 season tickets for travel to Torre and every time I went down the office was shut. When I went down on Wednesday 18th April at 4pm it was still shut so drove over to Teignmouth as I needed them for the following morning to find that they were also closed due to staff shortages. I telephoned the 0845 ...

Jewish Hostel
23 Apr 2009

By the end of September hordes of children had been evacuated from London and other industrial cities. The main London railway stations swarmed with hundreds of children, each one wearing over their shoulder the compulsory little box containing a gasmask. My parents were in a quandary. Where could they send me? Then Daddy spoke to someone who was going down to the little Devonshire village of ...

23 Apr 2009

TUCKED AWAY IN TRANQUIL EXMINSTER LIVES A MUSICAL LEGEND. MARIE BARBIERI MEETS WAR-TIME EVACUEE DAVID FLATAU AND DISCOVERS WHY HE HAS INSPIRED HUNDREDS OF DEVONIANS, YOUNG AND OLD. When Rosa and Frederik Flatau gave birth to their son David in 1928, they had no idea that his talents would touch so many hearts. David’s eclecticism emerged from humble beginnings in Brick Lane, where life was ...

UFO - Over Dawlish
25 Dec 2008

Did anyone witness the four bright orange lights over Dawlish last night. It was approx 6.30 ish, travelling east to west across Dawlish? And it wasn't Santa!!! or was it???

2 Nov 2008

Lucky that you don't live in Kingsdown Crescent then. We had someone setting off fireworks after 12pm!! My dog was well stressed out!

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