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General Discussion

Anne Marie Morris
13 Jul 2017

Wow! It's obvs not what you know it's who you know! [Account closed for trolling and making false accusations. Please do not sign up again .] [This user is also @From The Grave and has had many previous usernames to this that have all been banned from the site.]

Don't be shy, tell us please. I love a bit of gossip me.

Is that Dawlish Footpath 14?

This is exactly as was always intended. The gully is for cyclists to wheel their bikes up or down the very steep incline.

Lots of back-pedalling going on here. Thankfully the damage done to the great work done by the Open DAW volunteers is minimal.

16 Jun 2017

Thanks Angie for confirming that what I wrote earlier (as "From The Grave") is correct. I've had to temporarily re-register, as the webmaster saw fit to close my account for no reason whatsoever. Unless he also objected (like the coalition of chaos have) to the word "scurrilous"!!!! Anyway Angie, I'm hoping that I've minimised the potential damage that could been done to the fabulous ...

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