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Why would I lie about my gender. I'm so bored of you, it would seem the saying is correct. One can't argue with stupid. Enjoy your narrow close minded life you ridiculous man

2 Jun 2017

Aaaaand of course the sarcasm has gone completely over your head, why am I not surprised

That's not what I mean though and I feel that's kind of obvious there 🙄🙄

Oo Andrew, are you asking me on a date 😱😱 Loving the conspiracy theories you have going on. Just for clarification, never met lynne don't know who she is!

1 Jun 2017


31 May 2017

why have you edited your post, literally what is the point

31 May 2017

you're so quick to claim you're being insulted but no one has every said anything to you thats worse than some of the 'opinions' that you churn out. You just seem to have an awful lot to say about things you think he's done and lots of these could be answered or laid to rest by simply having a polite conversation with the man. But I guess you enjoy hiding behind your computer screen where ...

31 May 2017

@Andrew can I ask, have you ever tried directing any of your questions directly to the Mayor or is your only goal to badmouth him on a forum of which he is not a member?

@leatash If a stranger came up to me and started questioning how much I knew about anything I would say no idea and walk on just to make them leave me alone...

ironic you assume i'm a man or a lib dem @Andrew . incorrect on both counts! if you post on a public forum then your posts are also up for scrutiny. don't like it? then don't post.

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