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Derelict House
10 Aug 2015

Thanks for the link, that was an interesting read! We was right about the price though. Im quite gutted, a new modern build wont suit that beautiful area. Just look at the flats they`re currenty building a slight way down that same road ... Too modern, they dont fit in. Its such a lovely property, will defanitley keep our eyes on it a lot more in future. Thanks again for all your help ...

10 Aug 2015

Hi Mcjrpc, Thanks for your reply. Yes it was, last year. We missed our oppotunity there, gutted. Only just found that out this morning otherwise my husband would`ve been over the moon!! He has wanted this property for many years and being a builder, it is right up his street. We do not live in the area, hence not knowing it was on the market last year. Would make a beautiful home!! I ...

10 Aug 2015

Hi All, Im curious to whether this house is the yellow house along the sea front .... Number 8? Its been delerict for so long now ....My partner is a builder and has always had his eye on this property for our family home. Im interested to locate the owener of it, what is the chances? Thank you

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