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Syrian refugees
25 Sep 2015

@leatash , Why put innocent lives at risk, when a drone strike has no guarantee of hitting the intended IS target. I'd like you to answer that. Or is a Syrian life or many Syrian lives worth less than one British life? A pilot in the RAF, like any personnel in the armed forces expects to face armed conflict and the risk of death. It's in the job description. Drones just remove the ...

24 Sep 2015

@ Huw Matthews  no, I'm not saying the Battle of Britain was state sponsored terrorism. Although it could be argued that the blanket bombing of cities by both Nazi Germany and Britain was to crush the moral of a nation through terror as much hitting strategic targets. Drone strikes that terrorize innocent Syrians are what I am referring to as 'state sponsored terrorism'. I think that much was ...

24 Sep 2015

China and India are just following the West's example.  I didn't include them as they aren't experiencing an influx of refugees and economic migrants. @leatash Yes so proud of the RAF and their drones, haven't the Royal airforce come a long way from their finest hour in the Battle of Britain. They now just sit behind screens and bomb 'targets' and any innocent civilians who are in the ...

24 Sep 2015

That's right climate change isn't caused by industrualized countries, it's caused by tribal peoples living in mud huts somewhere! Duh. English is a global language and we portray Western style democracy as the model that all should follow, then we wonder why so many refugees want to come here. Cameron wants to send aid to stem the flow of migrants in the middle east, but then the RAF are ...

24 Sep 2015

Maybe if Europe and the rest of the western world hadn't screwed over the rest of the planet in the name of concepts such as colonialism and in modern times 'economic development' and 'resource security' we wouldn't have refugees fleeing the barbarism of IS, or indeed IS or economic mirants escaping barbaric and exploitative working conditions in places like Bangladesh that resemble England in the ...

So Monday 21st September was the deadline for the Cockwood Residents Association petition to form a break away parish. Here are 2 of the listed benefits; - Cockwood could create and control our own neighbourhood plan for future development. - There is poptential for a reduction in local council tax element (the precept). Dawlish is currently the highest in Teignbridge. And ...

So you think your comment was funny do you?

14 Aug 2015

Shame we can't cull the ignorant and downright insensitive.

Do you have a confederate flag Mr Bagshot?

13 Aug 2015

Trailer trash? Is this Devon or Kentucky?

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