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Cockwood to pay less council tax than Dawlish

23 Sep 2015 18:39

So Monday 21st September was the deadline for the Cockwood Residents Association petition to form a break away parish.


Here are 2 of the listed benefits;


- Cockwood could create and control our own neighbourhood plan for future development.

- There is poptential for a reduction in local council tax element (the precept). Dawlish is currently the highest in Teignbridge.


And 1 of the drawbacks;


- Need to find at least 5 volunteer councillors to be on the Parish Council.


Also the parish council now relates to Cockwood and surrounds so that it includes all the dwellings along Port Road as far as the Boxer Dog kennels and down to Millcroft Farm. A susbstantial section of the area administered by DTC.


Do Dawlish residents believe Cockwood should be exempt from housing developments?

Do Dawlish residents think it is fair that Cockwood Residents Association believe residents in the village and surrounds should pay less council than them?


Do Dawlish residents living in the Dawlish Central and North East ward think it is right that their elected Liberal Democrat Councillor, Martin Wrigley is the Chairman and main architect of this break away.


Is it right that a Councillor campaigns for a reduced rate of council tax in the vilage where he resides and not for the whole of the ward which democratically elected him as a representative? Or the town as a whole?

Is it right that a Councillor sits on the town council over issues such as DA2 and SANGS, yet simultaneously campaigns to ensure Cockwood is treated as a separate entity.


Is this a conflict of interest?


Do the residents of Cockwood want to be represented by 5 volunteer parish councillors instead of democratically elected town councillors?


I doubt most Cockwood residents would be fooled by speculation about a reduced council tax. there's no substance to it at all.


If anyon'e interested I'll scan the CRA's latest petition document.




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