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gran di ose [ gran -dee-ohs] Synonyms Examples Word Origin adjective 1. affectedly grand or important; pompous: grandiose words. 2. more complicated or elaborate than necessary; overblown: a grandiose scheme. 3. grand in an imposing or ...

14 Dec 2014

Dorian I don't belive my posts were  "poison pen posts?" as you put it  I was simply supporting some other poster regarding the cause of a fire which  misquoted the facts both on this site and on the gofundme site and a buiness site  I do not think is good for Dawlish to be leading people to belive a fire was arson when in fact it isnt and let people know where to find out the facts and because ...

14 Dec 2014

Are you are fed up with Judith Chalmer bringing disrepute to Dawlish? then why not show your view here if you would like her ip address barred agree with post if not disagree

The crane has arrived
16 Sep 2014

Does anyone else need an answer to JC 's question?

16 Sep 2014

Perhaps they would feel alot safer knowing that all the weight of the the water wasnt being held between the rail-line walls in between waves the wall on the land side could remain but on the sea side a kerb with rails as op marine parade the level of the walkway could be fixed to suit but top of the kerb needs to be lower than the track as at marine parade

16 Sep 2014

Rather than having a wall trackside sea side of the line  would it not be better to have a railing as at marine parade ?

But our council will be happy to go above and beyond if you happen to be a business!

I think Duckileaks and some others see you and your remarks for what for what they are

lynne you are quite right the Pier is privately owned and insured the and the owners (six piers ltd.) are planning to rebuild the £2million talked about by Downing st. is not for the pier or the repairing of fire damage but for the uninsured traders that have not had a fire but are unable to trade because of access along the pier from what I have understood so far but it is still early and I ...

1 Aug 2014

What was the £23,000 for?  who got it ? who paid it ?

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